Now 5 FBI Field Offices Are Probing Clinton Charity, Adding Fuel To The Fire

DC: FBI field offices in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and Little Rock, Ark., are investigating the Clinton Foundation concerning allegations of pay-to-play financial and political corruption, according to a report at The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Sunday.

Mirroring information provided by a former senior law enforcement official that “multiple FBI investigations are underway involving potential corruption charges against the Clinton Foundation,” WSJ revelation confirms what The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group reported in August.

FBI field offices in three cities, specifically, New York, Little Rock and Washington, D.C., were coordinating with the U. S. Attorneys working in those cities. FBI agents in Miami are also joining the probe, TheDCNF has since learned.

The Clinton Foundation has numerous programs operating in Haiti, the Caribbean, Latin America and South America.  More

12 Comments on Now 5 FBI Field Offices Are Probing Clinton Charity, Adding Fuel To The Fire

  1. The DOJ demands the FBI stand down, just as Obama and Hillary told the military rescuers going to Benghazi.

    Thank God the Investigators of the Clinton Foundations had more balls NOT to stand down.
    Obama told his, his advisors, Secretary of Defense, Pentagon and Military leaders to stand down and allowed 4 Americans to die in the Libyan Embassy.

  2. Wow! If the FBI is willing to investigate someone as popular and supposedly upstanding as the Clintons, maybe it really is a new era of honest government in America.

  3. Who’s gonna investigate the FBI if they fuck this investigation up?
    Comey belongs in prison with the Clintons.

  4. UNTIL the investigation is final, the FBI should freeze tax-exempt status on the Clinton Cartel operations, the Foundation, Global Initiative, any and all. Start forcing those contributors to the Foundation and all its tentacles to start paying past due taxes plus interest. Soros would disappear off planet. Preparations should be underway to seize as “evidence” all assets of the Clinton Cartel, on-shore and off. Choke them till the chicken dies.

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