23 Comments on Now Biden Wants To Usurp The President’s Twitter Followers

  1. Don’t worry Joe, your propaganda arm will ensure you have fake followers. As if Twitter has ever allowed POTUS to make any rules on their platform – total fake news!

  2. It doesn’t quite work like that dumb ass POS.

    Besides, you ain’t gonna be President. Your pedo skeletons are gonna come rushing out soon…

  3. Of course he does… So they can be added to the “list” they were talking about a few weeks back.

  4. Go ahead Twatter and give President Trump’s followers to Biden His Own Ass, so they can rip their administration over 20 million new assholes whenever they make a new post and probably crash the site every time in the process, until Twatter starts to block them at which point they cancel the account and move to Parler, thusly turning Biden’s Presidential accounts into “Ghost Towns”. (Provided he is actually able to, by the cheat, get into the Oval Office).

  5. TommyBoy in IN
    DECEMBER 25, 2020 AT 4:07 PM
    “Like Joe the pedo has anything to say that I’d be interested in hearing or reading!”

    …I’m afraid I must respectfully disagree.

    I want very much to hear and read from this pedophile.

    I wish to read his written confession of the sins of his life, from the first child he molested to the rape of this nation, forced from him under pain of torment inflicted by patriots.

    I wish to hear from him, his gibberish, disjointed confessions as he lies on an angled board as water is poured upon his lying face in grotesque parody of the baptism he disgraced by the actions of his entire blasphemous life.

    I want to hear him plead for his worthless life as he’s frog-marched and sometimes dragged to his gibbet.

    I want to hear his craven pleadings made inarticulate by fear, pain, and age as the heavy hemp rope is dropped over his naked shoulders and the knot, made in the traditional way, seven turns with the bitter end tucked in and facing up, is drawn tight to the back of his shriveled neck.

    I wish to hear from him the whistle as his cowardly shrieks are suddenly cut off as the trapdoor opens under him, the popping of his old bones as he commences the air dance he has unjustly avoided for so long, and the protesting creak of the rope on the pendant arm that stoically absorbs his feeble twitching as it subsides to dead weight.

    I want to hear from him the crack of his neck bones as they surrender to gravity at the last.

    So I will disagree with you in that, gentle reader. I want very much to hear and read this, and much more like this, from this pedophile and all his twisted and corrupt ilk.

    …but I doubt very much that Twitter will be willing to post it, until we end their present leadership as well, by the same means or worse…

  6. Brad
    DECEMBER 25, 2020 AT 7:16 PM

    I respectfully disagree with you. Fuck that asshole”

    …uh, I’m kind of saying the same thing as you in a longer way. I’m saying I want to hear him scream his way to hell, and then hear him screaming from hell in my dreams, as I do any pedophile. I don’t think we disagree greatly on substance other than I may want to hear him suffer a bit more than you…

  7. Maybe after President Trump is deplatformed and moves to Parler, none of those Twitter followers will stay there anyway.

  8. Joe had five circles marked off during his rallies. Three were for his fans and the two extra for overflow crowds.

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