Now comes the real pain? Mayors of big cities eye huge tax hikes amid lockdown fallout

Who didn’t see this coming???

BPR: A slew of Democrat strongholds are trying to hike taxes to exorbitant rates to make up for the economic damage engendered by the coronavirus pandemic.

Over in Texas, this week the Dallas City Council considered a resolution that would have allowed the local tax office to “to calculate a property tax rate that would increase the city’s revenues by 8%,” according to The Dallas Morning News.

The resolution reportedly failed to pass, though it generated criticism leading up to a vote Wednesday. But the criticism wasn’t aimed at the policy proposal so much as it was at the lockdown policies that some believe are responsible for the financial woes brewing in Dallas and elsewhere. read more

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  1. Because if you are suffering economically why should your city or state? Cough it up and don’t give me “you don’t have anything because the state closed your business”. You have a car or a house- sell it and pay me your taxes.

    P.S. Remember to vote for me in November because Orange Man Bad 🙂

  2. Of course these putrid maggots would never consider thinning the bloated ranks of the government workers.

  3. useless d-suckers “ban” the right to earn a living, then want mo’ $$$? pull it out of your fkng a**. start with jenkins & the commissioner-dips.

  4. Not only in big cities.
    Believe me. The towns and cities of Maine are raising taxes and Central Maine Power is going to raise electricity rates.
    The state will be raising taxes and “fees” too.

  5. Here in Blue Nashville our dim (pun intended) mayor wants a 32% hike in our property tax for some 200-300 million budget shortfall.
    NO mention of cutting deadwood.
    dimokkkrats delenda est!

  6. It’s not about reining in their debt, it’s about enslaving you with your own debt.

  7. In Plato’s Book “The Republic” he stated that any politician that passed a bill that was so bad it had to be repealed, would be banished for 10 years.
    Let’s do it.

  8. Don’t worry. The tax increases will all be offset by the cost of living increase in our social security checks after they increase the social security tax………..HAHAHAHAHA!….sometimes I just crack myself up…..

  9. The bills always come due, and it always falls on the same people to pay them.

    That’s just the way it is, get used to it.

    Oh, and wait till the Federal bills come due, That will bring things to a a new magnitude (or several new magnitudes).

  10. I’m actually surprised. I thought they would move directly to demanding the federal gov’t taxpayer pay their bills. They still will ask for that, of course.
    This is probably just a ruse to pretend like they’re trying to get the money from their own taxpayer before they suddenly, lol, discover that is just too painful and then demand that the federal taxpayer foot their bills.

    The worst, most disgusting, pathetic thing about this is, that they eventually will get it from the federal gov’t, (or the federal reserve) and republican congressmen will do exactly like they always do. Stab their constituents right in the middle of the back and sign onto the deal.

  11. Close everything down, then whine you’re not getting any tax revenue. And rather then cut out all the administrators, aids, and other dead wood, cut out the police and fire departments.
    Any wonder why the Romans and the Greeks went balls up?

  12. Close your local governments till the books balance, same as us common folks have to do. Thank God and the founders for the second amendment, sure looks like we’ll need to use it soon.

  13. The constitution originally established private property. How can you own property if it can be taxed. You don’t pay the tax they take the property so you really don’t own it. It’s time for property taxes to go away we need to elect politicians that will remove the property taxes.

  14. Trump had a great economy, great unemployment numbers, lower taxes and a tremendous reduction in giveaways to undeserving countries. What has the China Virus taken away? Tell me this wasn’t a global scam!


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