Now I’ve seen everything

body on 5 frwy colorado st. sign

Southern California: Man killed in 5 Freeway rollover crash, ejected onto freeway sign

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  1. Well, he has his 15 minutes of fame.

    Next year:

    Hey! Remember that time that guy was thrown from his car and landed on the overhead street sign?

    I’m still hoping when I go out it’ll be after my 95th birthday and shot by a jealous husband.

  2. So the nice bimbo that we call “news reporter” states he was the only driver of the car. So how many of use use 5 or 6 to drive at one time. Then later on some guy douche says “we see this all the time”. Hmmm, what once or twice a day I wonder.
    Journalism is dead.

  3. I’ve never understood how people can be ejected so far. The picture of the car showed the door closed. Did he just fly out through the windshield? While the car was rolling several times? I guess I don’t understand physics. This one was weird, ever for L.A. County.

  4. A friend of mine had an accident right in front of me on the parkway.
    He spun out, hit the guard rail and went over, tumbling front end over back end. He was going about 80 mph.
    It was raining (what a maroon, right?), so I didn’t jam on my brakes, stopping about 200 feet from the accident.
    When I got out, the passenger of his car was laying right next to where I stopped.
    He went through the t-top and was catapulted through the air like superman.

    He lived, but was really frigged up.
    My friend had a scratch on his forehead.

  5. Look for the new tax that is to pay for the safety nets that will be installed on ALL traffic signs in order to save birds, bicyclists and kamikazes who ride crotchrockets at 90MPH in school zones.

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