Now Pelosi Is Urging ICONyers to Resign

15 Comments on Now Pelosi Is Urging ICONyers to Resign

  1. Another indication of her general mental disabilities.

    “Stroke it, stroke it!

    Bitch is Fucking Goofy (take it either way).

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Does this insane bitch even remotely understand the concepts of principles and values? She just keeps throwing rhetoric out hoping something will stick, even when the rhetoric is completely contradictory. This is democrats to a goddamn tee. They do this all the fucking time with all issues. Their only constant is that they want as much power as they can possibly get and they don’t care how they get it nor what they do with it in reality.

  3. Stay tuned, she may flip-flop again in a couple of days, depending on whether her medications are up to date are not!

  4. Didn’t Piglosi and the Dems……

    just yesterday try to smooth over this in caucus…..

    and Congresswoman Kathleen Rice (d/ NY) walked out????

  5. Mrs Pelosi, would you care to amplify your answer

    Would I what?

    Would you expand on your answer. What I want to know is did Conyers have icon status in the party?

    A what status?

    An icon. Someone who was involved in some arguably heroic act fifty years ago which now protects him from any accountability in the present

    Oh yeah, icons. The party has a lot of icons (nation laughs)

  6. He’s saying he won’t run in 2018. They would rather have him out now and assign his far left successor so that maggot can start worming into position.

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