Now Suddenly a Cop Is a-Ok Because He Dances With a Homosexual?

Over at Gawker all the comments are “wonderful!” “”Joy!” “Fun!” “I’m crying.”

Please. They hated all cops over there until this ridiculous video.

And by the way. I thought kissing someone without consent was sexual assault? Ya, the cop acts stupidly and dances with the fruit, but that’s not an invitation to grab him and kiss him. Or are the rules different for gays?

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19 Comments on Now Suddenly a Cop Is a-Ok Because He Dances With a Homosexual?

  1. @Irish; I wouldn’t take that bet but either way it’s going to become pretty uncomfortable for him in the squad for the next while.

  2. A gay man in close contact with a straight man is like a muslim man near a 9-year old girl: he will take whatever liberties he can because the virginity is overpowering and irresistible.

  3. We’re all gonna have so much fuckin’ fun we’ll need plastic surgery to remove our goddam smiles! You’ll be whistling “Zippity Doo Da” out of your assholes!

  4. I agree with Irish.
    My Gaydar® melted watching that cop dance.
    He was a little too jiggy with it.

  5. If the powers that be are all a twitter with us instilling violence within the Muslim community over a cartoon drawing of Muhammad, how is this any different now that ‘gay’ marriage is the law of the land?! Don’t they get it that this will encourage more ‘gay’ stonings and roof top tosses?!

  6. Ok. I guess someone has to be the party pooper.
    I thought, before I saw the video, the same way most of you think right now.
    But after watching it I think the cop was just trying to get along to get along.
    I’m in no way shape or form agreeing with homosexual anything but in this case I think the cop was just having a little fun and maybe even trying to show people cops are human.

  7. @Vietvet – yep, conduct unbecoming is the least they can write him up for. Then he allows the faggot to kiss him. I’d have him patrolling the sewer intake on the waste treatment plant on midnights after that unprofessional nonsense.


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