Now that NeverTrumpers are Democrats, they’ve lost their usefulness

Patriot Retort: You almost have to pity those hapless NeverTrumpers.


The likes of Max Boot, Bill Kristol and Jennifer Rubin got so used to basking in the adoring praise of the Democrat ResistanceLOL, that they actually believed switching teams would kick up the adoration to Spinal Tap 11.

“If you loved me and retweeted me when I was a Republican attacking Trump, then you’re really gonna love me now that I’m on your side!!” They stupidly thought.

Yeah.  They were wrong.

Fact is, the only reason these NeverTrumpers had any usefulness whatsoever was because they were Republicans who hated Trump and the Republican Party.

Now that they’re Trump-hating Democrats lecturing Democrats about the dangers of nominating Bernie Sanders, the Democrats have no use for them.

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10 Comments on Now that NeverTrumpers are Democrats, they’ve lost their usefulness

  1. I love when the people who stand for one party act all wise in telling the other party what to do. Their interest is in that party failing! Of course that’s what the Dems did in 2015-16 when they supported Trump as the GOP candidate. Oops.
    This year is a little different for the GOP side, because we know it just doesn’t matter which loser they choose.

  2. I did not know that they had switched, but then again I only gave them the attention they deserved – which is none.

  3. Pity? How about: rage.

    These treasonous rats sold our our country for a few bucks.

    Now we’re seeing Barr is folding.

  4. As the media said to McCain and Romney,

    “All these things I will give you if you fall down and do an act of worship to me.”

    And they did, and the abuse turned into adulation.


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