Now, That’s a Mask

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  1. …but is he 4 on the floor? And how upset do other shoppers get when he reaches down to shift?

  2. DANG! Said Joe Dirt. 4 barrel dude for sure.
    Looks like a filter from a 1100 Holly dominator
    off a 750 HP Chevy 350.

  3. @ Geoff: I see what you did there, hehehe.

    That hilarious statement is probably more effective than the filthy rags most people strap on their faces.

  4. I’ve been using the same N95 that I fished out of one of my paint boxes back in March. It was already used for some sanding job and the smell was awful. But I wasn’t going to break out a new one for Covid, so it’s been sitting on my front passenger seat getting crushed and knocked around since then. About a week ago I spilled a bunch of coffee on it. It looks pretty groady, but now at least it smells nice.

  5. Yeah, but does he have positraction? Inquiring PETA girls (People who Eat Tasty Animals) want to know!

  6. Pretty smart, really.
    The filters changeable and readily available, and the price of them isn’t likely to quadruple.
    Just watch out for those carb backfires…

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