Now They Tell Us

After years and numerous columns written trying to rationalize keeping Obamacare, “The Motley Fool” finally admits it was never designed to succeed.


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  1. “They will be BEGGING for the public option.”–Nancy Pelosi

    They knew it would fail, the Republicans would oppose it, then blame the Republicans, then as children get sick, they will demand single-payers.

    So a few people have to die to get the gov’t in control of everything? Small price to pay.

  2. “Never designed to succeed”?

    Designed TO FAIL is a more accurate description.
    Anyone paying attention for the last 9 years already knows this.

    I didn’t want to repeat Motley Fool’s Headline. Maybe “Designed to Crash and Burn” would have been closer to the truth. – Dr. Tar

  3. two words: TROJAN HORSE

    That is all it ever was and the Republicans like McCain who allowed this to remain will ultimately cause the collapse of the world’s most advanced health Care system and we WILL end up at single payer and VA healthcare for ALL! Congratulations folks, you have been GRUBER’d

  4. McC and all of his friends and family are SET for LIFE. They’ll never worry about their own medical care. It’s only the peons (we “little” workers who are not multi-millionaires) who will be forced into Single Payer. omama talked about this long before he became president (he spoke in front of a union group that may still be on Youtube–unless it’s been removed).

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