Now THIS is Heckling – Comedian Steve Brown attacked on stage

A guy in the front row jumped up on stage and attacked comedian Steve Brown.

If this is a critique, he needs new material.

He received a huge gash on his arm from the mic stand.

Another angle-

Here’s his “comedy.”

When interviewed by Harvey Levin he said the guy smacked his girlfriend before the attack.

Later in the interview Levin asked if he’ll press charges if the guy is found.

He said, “I don’t know.”

Levin nudged him.

“He smacked his girlfriend.”

Brown, not a dumb guy, immediately said, “you know what? I’m pressing charges.”

The image of feminists shutting his show down flashed in his head and he said “the correct” thing.

13 Comments on Now THIS is Heckling – Comedian Steve Brown attacked on stage

  1. This shit happens at McDonalds down in the ‘hood; did they think serving alcohol would somehow make for a better outcome?

  2. Wow… That club has the shittiest security ever. Were the bouncers all in the parking lot smoking a J or what?

  3. Sad, all these antisocial racist white people rioting and being violent in public for no reason–











  4. I never heard the joke that pissed the guy off, what was it ?

    something about yo momma ?

    now that’s comedy,
    monkey’s in the zoo comedy.


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