Now we know for sure that Trump is the better man

AT: Those of us who live in solid Democrat strongholds amid single-minded leftists will know what it is like to attempt a civil conversation about President Trump.  This is especially true if one encounters those true-blue Dems in the wealthiest areas of California, N.Y., and D.C.  Because they are wealthy, successful, often educated at one of the prestige colleges, they know, with every fiber of their being, that they are smarter, wiser, and better than any of us lowly, deplorable Trump-supporters.

If they are Jewish, and you ask them if they appreciate Trump’s support of Israel, they will look at you, roll their eyes as if you were even more verklempt than they thought.  They hate Trump more than they love Israel.  If you ask them if they are bothered by the open acceptance of anti-Semitism by the Democratic Party, they will shrug at the lunacy of your question and say something like “anti-Semitism has always been with us.”  They will deny to their death its escalation across the world at this moment in time, despite the obvious overt escalation and implicit approval of and by the global left.  Their identities since the 2016 election are defined by their opposition to Trump.  They have sold their souls because their candidate lost the election.

Ask them if they are not pleased with his phenomenal success regarding the economy.  Are not the economic developments under Trump great for them, their 401(k)s, their stock portfolios?  Have not his foreign policy maneuvers been successful?  Are we not immeasurably better off overall than under Obama?  Again, they will regard your question with disgust and disdain.  As many others have observed, they hate the president more than they love this country, this country that made their privilege, wealth, and safety possible.

These are arrogant people who, like most leftists today, see nothing good in America worth preserving.  They are supremely confident that none of the nonsense policies being promulgated by the crazy gaggle of Democrat presidential candidates will ever affect them.  The widespread contamination of San Francisco’s streets with human feces and discarded needles does not seem to bother Nancy Pelosi one bit, as she has opposed every possible solution.  She continues to encourage migrants from Central America to make their way to her sanctuary city.  more

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  1. One reclusive customer is the typical lefty. Always some Dem talking point comes out of him whenever I service his home.

    A lot of small stupid stuff mixed in with the occasional point of interest.

    I just grin and tell him TDS is a terrible thing to waste a mind on.

    Not sure what he’s thinking he’ll get when he asks what I think about some current thing going on with Trump.

    Hm? You mean the best damn president that we could possibly have? That Trump?

    HE”S AWESOME! Don’t you agree, Mr lives off investments and doing better every day?

    He flips me off as I walk to my truck. We smile at each other.

    Life is good.

    Still not tired of winning yet. MOAR pleez!

  2. As the joke goes, Trump could cure cancer and they would be upset about the impact on the medical industry.

    Sore losers. Saw one angry, ugly, middle-aged woman (not a lady) get into her “bernie-mobile” today. Does the hatred and bile inside make you look nasty or does your appearance make you a bernie-the-communist supporter?

  3. The only feature I have in common with these scum is that I had and continue to have a loathing for Obama that ran at least as deep. But that is the only similarity.

  4. Gin – I too have a continued loathing for the Obamboozler that runs at least as deep, however it is based on facts which is in no way similar to Trump Hatred.

  5. I think it’s really heating up. Seeing some MAGA hats now. Old college-educated people in general are now acting crazy. Lots of projection going on and saying Trump and supporters are Nazis. Thinking they’re better because they’re ‘liberal.’ Yesterday in the gas station I heard a woman proudly stating I’m a Liberal! like it’s a great thing. Nutzo! Only a grocery store gas station, I never go to the muzloid ones.

  6. Believe it or not, I actually have a very good Jewish friend who is very conservative. He tries so hard to get his family members to see the light. It perplexes him more than it does us, I think.

  7. Trump hatred is not a logical issue, it is an emotional one.

    Don’t expect any king of logical discussion or consideration of facts with a Trump hater.

  8. Lest we forget who chose death for Jesus Christ, their own messiah, because he upset their prestige-power apple cart, American lefty Jews are no surprise. Just saying.

  9. Do you remember who Evan Sayet is? He wrote a book about how the modern liberal thinks and we posted some of his videos before. Here is a good one:

    The reason I bring him up is to relate a discussion I had with him last year (on Twitter). He tweeted something about Jews being Liberal Democrats and I responded with a question. I asked him why successful American Jews accept the left’s hate of all things Jewish. His answer was (paraphrased) that they hate their Jewishness.

    This is what we, and President Trump, are fighting against – Americans that hate themselves. It’s hard to understand, but when you listen to or read Mr. Sayet, it becomes more clear. I still don’t understand why they don’t see the disconnect between the left’s ideology and reality, but I can see how they lie to themselves to believe what they believe.


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