NPC Journalism & the Democrat Slide to the FAR LEFT

8 Comments on NPC Journalism & the Democrat Slide to the FAR LEFT

  1. Pickled Sillys Sauce

    Just set on slo-simmer.
    Stir occasionally all summer long.
    The swamp juices will do the rest

  2. The left sees the world through the lens of a hideous Hieronymus Bosch nightmare.
    There’s a small group of criminally insane zealots that are the Pied Pipers of this extremist movement with an ever growing following of unsophisticated stooges easily harvested from the democrat party.

  3. When your greatest strength is also your greatest weakness, it will end up used against you as a weapon if you allow it.

    Be aware of this being done, and figure out how to stop it, or you will lose the fight.

  4. The Demonrats aren’t sliding to the “left” – they are unmasking.
    Their electoral defeat showed them how vulnerable they are to honesty, common sense, and America’s values – so they’ve discarded the veil and the “man-behind-the-curtain” proclaims himself god.
    They have openly declared war – against facts, against honesty, against the Constitution, against law, against order, against law enforcement, against civil society, and against the hard-working (and the lazy) American taxpayers.
    Why we still sit with our thumbs up our asses is the mystery.
    We’re leaving it all to Barr and Trump – and they are too few.

    izlamo delenda est …


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