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NPR Added Trigger Warning To The Annual Reading Of The Declaration of Independence

It been a tradition for a while now for the on air talent at National Public Radio to read the entire Declaration of Independence on the 4th of July. Here

But NPR added a nasty and altogether unnecessary trigger warning this year declaring the founding document hypocritical, flawed and failing to represent every American. Here

19 Comments on NPR Added Trigger Warning To The Annual Reading Of The Declaration of Independence

  1. National Public Radio. Funded by my tax dollars? Taxation without representation has caused issues in the past. Fuck these communists.

  2. “bar future live interviews of conservatives who may have controversial views. ”
    That damn “truth” getting in the way again.

  3. I would expect that the document that set in motion the best chance innocents have ever had to overcome suffering, misery and death here on earth would be anathema to subhuman pieces of shit who have dedicated their lives to increasing innocent human suffering, misery and death.

  4. This Bullshit should be turned 180°

    Anyone that attempts to alter, deface or otherwise infringe on the Declaration of Independence or the United States Constitution should be imprisoned or permanently removed from America.

    If you don’t like this country….get the fuck out!

  5. Bet they wouldn’t have any problems with reading Marx’s The Communist Manifesto. Time to de-fund these propagandists.

  6. Fuck NPR, PBS, the Corp. For Public Broadcasting etc. It is way past time that they should all be totally defunded from any govt. money for their sponsorship. I gave up listening to NPR years ago, if they don’t like our founding documents than go elsewhere like to some third world commie shithole and peddle your propaganda there. You are not welcome here any longer nor in my house to be listened to ever again under any circumstances. These elitist, smug assholes can go elsewhere if they don’t like how our country was founded.

  7. I actually take pride in the obvious fact that what I hold dear, these moronic leftists(but I repeat myself) find repugnant. I’m a better sort of person for loving what these scumbags hate.

  8. Just tell me, what exactly DOESN’T set these pissy pants liberals off?
    Put me down as tired of these assholes. They should all be branded as defective and shipped to penal tent colonies that are walled in a narrow corridor along the American/Mexican border.

  9. Ronny tried to kill NPR 8 times between ’81 and ’88. liberal named Dole kept NPR alive and healthy. Since I am conservative I did not vote for Bob in ’96.

    Were it not for Bob there would be no NPR. AS USUAL RONNY WAS RIGHT!

  10. I thought a “trigger warning” was, itself, a “trigger.”
    So, NPR is guilty of racist triggering?
    Or maybe it’s homophobic or transgenderic racist triggering?

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. If someone told the founding fathers this would be done, I am sure that their remark would be “Nobody is that stupid” Well here we are

  12. I can only hope that if conservatives ever get the power again, that at the helm will be a take no fookin’ prisoners leader.

    Maybe Trump has gotten the cluebat to the head enough if it’s him. DeSantis’ actions shows he definitely would be playing offense. This Mitch McConnell go along(most of the time) crap has got to stop.

    Anyone considering for a nanosecond that compromising will get them some good will is the GD height of idiocy.

  13. The Declaration didn’t fail Americans; Americans failed the Declaration.
    Especially “Americans” like NPR.


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