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NPR Audience About As Spry As Their Programming

National Public Radio was a creation of the college kids in the 1970s and that generation has remained its loyal audience.


40 years later, aging baby boomers are also its only audience, which casts a shadow over the future of the federally funded leftist programming.


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  1. Next to forcing taxpayers to educate foreign nationals, United Nations dues and B. Hussein’s Obama’s luxury vacations (among thousands of other examples) this is and has been another enormous waste and misuse of tax dollars!

  2. Well if your product sucks, and you are losing customers, the solution is simple; more taxpayer’s money!

  3. “…which casts a shadow over the future of the federally funded leftist programming.”

    a black shadow, I bet. The whole creaky enterprise, like higher education, is ripe for a black leftist takeover. The old white hippies wno’t know what hit them.

  4. In all my 60+ years I heard National Progressive Radio a total of 20 min.
    Fucking liberals.

  5. Occasionally, I hear it for seconds at a time while channel surfing and wonder if the old leftards use it as a sleeping aid. It sounds so dull and monotone.

  6. I have (through gut wrenching experiences) listened to their programs and rhetoric, just to try to understand where they’re coming from.
    Have come to a (not so simple ) conclusion of
    “If God exists, why hasn’t this been shown or proven to ME!”
    You hear it in those jazz lyric.
    You hear it in the interviews.
    You hear it in their mockery, because they too, know.
    They may be fantastically artistic, well postured,
    well spoken, points acutely made, but make no mistake, a hole.And since God is not seeked,
    it is filled with other things.And because of this,
    the void fillers of their lack of faith by primarily through their parents, costs us all the much more.
    1800’s, make no mistake, parents were VERY proactive in passing the torch, and the kids’ smart level was GREAT.

  7. Solution:Family, not feminism. Strong dads and respected and cherished mothers. : )

  8. Why not “National Public _____”?

    Auto Racing…
    Mud Wrestling…
    Deer Hunting…
    Pie Fights…

    These people are too stupid to be dumb, or is it the other way around?

  9. Did you get Larry King’s clearnance to post that picture of him in the studio?

    “Hades, Circle 5… HELLO!”

  10. NPR: Nancy Pelosi Radio

    Sitting here giggling imagining the hordes of geriatric hippie guys who, despite pattern balding, still are doing the long hair/ponytail thing. That’s NPR’s listenership.

    What a bunch of losers.

  11. I haven’t listened to NPR news since the mid 80’s. I gave up after I realized just how full of shit they were and I wised up and stopped believing the liberal bs. And I don’t listen to a Prairie home companion anymore because Garrison (Gary) Keillor is no longer funny, he ‘s an over 70’s grumpy old fart who just won’t shut up about his liberal politics. And since Tommy died, one of the Click and Clack brothers on Car Talk it’s just not the same anymore. he could make me laugh harder than anybody else I ever heard because his laughing was infectious.

  12. I will be honest as one of the younger baby boomers ( 55) I do enjoy listening to NPR. I do know the bias is liberal. And keep that in mind so I listen with a grain of salt
    But there are programs that amuse me. Wait Wait don’t tell me
    Rick Steves’ travel, Vinyl Café, and TED Talk etal.
    I agree Car Talk is passé with one guy dead, take it off the air
    BUT I do NOT contribute one dime, and even refuse to tune in during pledge week. Their endless pleading to get less donors in one hour than I have fingers gets very old very fast.
    My solution is for the popular programing to go commercial with ads and let them stand on their own. No tax or donated dollars.
    And if something can’t support itself using the free market well off the air it goes.

  13. I used to love Dick Buckley’s show. Now it’s the puzzle guy, Will Shortz, Kai Ryssdal, and Bob Dorr, except when he goes on a Beatles jag. ( I AM SO SICK OF THE BEATLES! )

    The news has me screaming at the radio because it’s so biased. Plus they flat out HATE Republicans where I live and never miss a beat to bang that drum or weave it into a perspective. It’s terrible. I never felt that sentiment when I lived in the big city.

  14. Car Talk was the best. And you’re right about Tommy’s laugh – it could put a smile on a dead man’s face. RIP, Tommy. We really miss you.


  15. I listen to the enemy so you don’t have to. Sometimes I throw up in my mouth a little.

    One of the things I hate is the little snippets of music they seem to insert anywhere, of course I hate them politically as well.

  16. And who could ever forget their Russian chauffer at the end of the program Pickup Andropov. The credits at the end of Car Talk were the best and the funniest. Which was almost as bad as Wally Walrus on Woody Woodpecker playing a Swedish or Russian Ambassador named Ivan Awfulitch. I still laugh at that one.

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