NPR blames THE NFL for deaths of Mike Brown and Eric Garner


RightScoop: On NPR yesterday the hushed liberal host interviewed some dork who said that he stopped watching football because it was so sexist, racist and homophobic. And the proof of it is that the cop that took down Eric Garner in New York City was wearing an NFL jersey.

This is not a joke.




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  1. Welcome to upside down, knee-slapping, rib-tickling mindset of Loopy Liberal Looney Land where a bunch of whining, finger-pointing, dumbed-down door-knobs use the pretzel-logic of their madness to throw Common Sense into the dumpster, replace it with Political Correctness, murder manners, eliminate competition, make everybody a victim, and somehow turn mental illness into “courage” (as demonstrated by Caitlyn Jenner). Man! That is one sad, fucked up place to live!!

  2. “…sexist, racist and homophobic.”, they say that like it’s a bad thing.
    Don’t get me wrong, football is boring, NFL players would be eating Raman if they were to rely on my support.
    The only team I ever enjoyed was band, orchestra, group, quartet, hated marching on the field, they did refuse to yield though.

  3. Liberal “I only like vanilla ice cream, therefore Baskin Robbins must be shut down and all their employees must apologize to me! :

  4. Ya know what I hate? The pre-season.
    If those overpaid primadonnas are going to play a game that doesn’t count, then admission and parking should be free, and there should be no commercials on the televised games.

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