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NPR Busted for False Story About Neil Gorsuch Not Wearing Mask on the Bench


NPR Legal Affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg gave us yet another reason to defund the government-financed radio station on Tuesday when she published some fake news suggesting Justice Neil Gorsuch was spitefully rejecting pleas from Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Sonia Sotomayor to wear a mask, as the latter is diabetic. But Fox News chief legal correspondent Shannon Bream busted the accusation with her own insider source that says it’s false. More

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  1. Who GAF if Sotomayor is diabetic? It’s got jack and shit to do with Coof, and if she’s fully jabbed and doesn’t believe in the jab, she should be throwing it out as useless anyway.

    And I’m tired of people boasting about their infirmities. I guess “The Immunocomprmised” are the next Civil Rights group seeking privilege.

    I’ve got problems TOO, toots, but I don’t go around flaunting them like I expect people to give way before the Weak Knee.

    But I can certainly believe she’s diabetic.

    There’s not one damn thing sweet about that woman at ALL.

  2. And yes, I know the article isn’t true anyway. Not even bothering to speak to that.

    I mean,c’mon, its NPR.

    Of COURSE it’s a lie.

    It would be news if anything they said WASN’T.

  3. I’d wager good money that the source of this lie is that lying cunt Sotomayor herself. She’s total trash, an affirmative action dumbass beaner to the core.

  4. And Trump v. De Santis , and Jill v. Kamala, and on and on with the childish media and their fantasy political Fight Club. But we never hear about Maddow v. Hayes, Stelter v. Lemon, Whoopi v. Behar etc. where the real backstabbing and cat-scratching goes down. Although every now and then something like Lauer’s rape room pops up. and they act all shocked.

    I hate media scum. They know nothing about what goes on in the halls of power, or else they’re covering shit up for their political masters and they have to dream up bitchy girl dramas to release their tension.

  5. Nina Totenkopf? Who dafuq would believe anything she wrote?
    And all the Supremes are vaxxed and boosted?
    What a bunch of morons – unless they’re getting saline.
    Otherwise nobody can catch anything from them, right?

    These are supposed to be smart people, but it’s obvious that they don’t understand that whole vaccination concept.

    You get the smallpox vaxx – you can walk into a room full of smallpox-infected patients with immunity. THAT’S what it means! Nobody can give it to you, and you can’t transmit it to anyone else.

    This whole CoVid bullshit is BULLSHIT!
    (and the Supremes are a waste)

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Excuse me, TRUE! Idiot doesn’t want to wear a mask. Fox Entertainment News, name says it all & their/Fox claim is false. Stupid jerk needs a foot up his ass. Come on man, put your mask on.

  7. out of the millions of fake news stories(or outright lies, if you prefer) they’ve published, they’re finally caught on one the least damaging

  8. Smallpox vax: dozens of little pricks of the needle. Got it as a kid in the early 50’s. It blowed up ugly on your arm and then later, when it healed, you went around brandishing your badge of courage. “Lemme see yours!”

  9. Uncle Al ʘ FU46i
    JANUARY 19, 2022 AT 5:21 PM
    “@SNS: “There’s not one damn thing sweet about that woman [Sotomayor] at ALL.”

    Perhaps her urine, but neither you nor I will never know.”

    …maybe THIS panel of docs can tell us…

  10. There are many reasons I did not vote for the liberal, but still good Republican, Dole.

    NPR was #4

    for 8 years Ronny tried to cut taxpayer funding to ZERO ($0). Bob Dole led the liberal fight against Ronny; and GD him, won every year!

    It frosts my nuts that my tax$ are going to folk that hate me! had Dole been conservative NPR would be gone!

  11. No mask you can breathe through will stop a virus.
    So – what’s the fucking point?

    The voids in the vaunted N-95 are 10x larger than a virus (that’s a fact you can look up). That means (spherically) a cluster (if they traveled in clusters) of 100 viruses could pass through each void. How protective is that?
    We no longer recognize the smell of BULLSHIT.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

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