NPR Caught Trying To Scrub “Gosnell” Movie Promo

Daily Caller-

John Sullivan, the executive producer new film “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer,” says he tried to purchase six-figure advertisements for his movie on NPR last month. But according to emails provided to The Daily Beast, NPR would not allow Sullivan to call Gosnell an “abortionist” or an “abortion doctor” in his ads. More


4 Comments on NPR Caught Trying To Scrub “Gosnell” Movie Promo

  1. ‘It’s still unclear why the term “abortion doctor” couldn’t be included. A quick search turns up past NPR stories with titles like, “Joyce Carol Oates’ New Novel Begins With an Abortion Doctor’s Murder” and “Abortion Doctor Killer Appeals to Kansas High Court.” NPR even did a special series called “Training the next generation of abortion doctors.” Heck, there was even an NPR news story about Kermit Gosnell himself, and it was headlined, “Convicted Philadelphia Abortion Doctor Gets Life in Prison.”’

    NPR has a small editorial policy problem.

  2. Film content seems to be sterile too. Dont blame the producers – the results of the act of abortion is sickening, abhorrent and heinous.
    Excellent actors involved. Hope this film gets a decent amount of audience numbers – gonna be tough, given the subject.


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