NPR Chief Editor Suspended Over Harassment Allegations

The alleged victims spoke on condition of anonymity, but claimed that Oreskes forced his tongue down their throat during his stint at The NYT.   –Daily Caller:

13 Comments on NPR Chief Editor Suspended Over Harassment Allegations

  1. What next? Being fired for merely looking at an attractive co-worker?
    Liberalism will collapse due to its internal contradictions–and take us down with them!

  2. So does the “P” in NPR stand for p*ssygrabber?

    I have had to live in fear of accusations from my female coworkers my entire career because of the actions of liberal male feminists.

    Let them finally feel the wrath of the system they supported creating.

  3. Even the hairy legged frumpy women of the left are targets. That shows the remarkable lack of self respect these pissy, sniveling dems have for themselves.

  4. There has of be more to this story. A high level, overpaid bureaucrat gave up valuable porn watching time, and video poker with a government credit card, to go after this guy.

  5. He allegedly did this twice in the 1990s – 20 years ago – at a different company. How does this justify his firing from NPR today?

    Although it’s fun to watch liberals eat their own under their perverted ideals, their demands for lifelong idealogical purity is troubling. Laspes in judgment and mistakes are a part of life, and everyone has made them. I would hate to think I could be hounded for an indiscretion that happened over 20 years ago when I was both young and stupid and a different person. This guy kissed a couple of women and forced his tongue down their throats – unpleasant and disgusting behavior perhaps, but probably not traumatic for life for the women involved.

    Weinstein and his ilk continued their predatory practices and ruined lives, and should have been exposed. The people who protected, and continued to protect people like Weinstein should be held accountable. Persons such as Bill Clinton (and Ted Kennedy, although the devil got him first) should be prosecuted, and protectors such as Hillary Clinton and many media types who covered up these acts and enabled these predators should likewise be held accountable. But unless there is more than what is contained in this story, the acts against this editor seem like just a witch hunt.

  6. TIME TO CLOSE NPR and redirect the funds to something else.

    That’s the liberal strategy: everytime something bad happens, try to get what you want that ordinarily is ignored.

  7. @Wyatt, Insensitive Progressive Jerk November 1, 2017 at 10:20 am

    > their demands for lifelong idealogical purity is troubling

    It’s not “troubling”, at all. It’s not even “problematic”. They are what they are. People who deny that, especially people who deny that for them, need to accept reality. You can permanently place such people in a ditch. Or you can give such people permanent license (currently, legally enforceable license) to b!tch. That’s it. No time travel. No anti-gravity skateboards. Them or you. Make a choice. And quit lying about it.

    (Not you, personally, Wyatt. You’re self-identified “Progressive”. So I know you believe everything you say. I mean the other people who are lying for the other progressives.)


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