NPR Declares Criminal Investigation Of Hillary Would Set A Dangerous Precedent

Either it is the height of hypocrisy or NPR’s Peter Overby was in a coma during the Obama Administration. This morning the NPR correspondent stated how very bad for our nation it would be for the winner of an election to pursue criminal charges against the loser.

In this case, “The proposed target is a retired woman living in a small town in the Hudson Valley, N.Y.: Hillary Clinton.”


I seem to remember a peanut farmer from Georgia, Jimmy Carter, beating Gerald Ford in 1976 for pardoning Nixon, and don’t get me started on all the skull duggery that went on in Obama’s IRS and national security organizations in order to suppress the opposition.

On the other hand, I don’t remember a high government official who so blatantly  sold her office as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and managed to escape jail thanks to an administration and press that completely lacked any interested in the crimes being committed. 

If we were to adapt what I’ll call here the “Overby Standard,”  all a political criminal would have to do is avoid prosecution while in office then run for president to gain immunity in the future.

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  1. …And allowing a high government official (e.g., Secretary of State) to break the law and compromise national security with impunity would NOT be setting a dangerous precedent…?!

  2. Imagine That, NPR Feels an Elitist Liberal Can Break all Kinds Of Laws Even Murder (Allegedly) People Without Any Reprisal !!!
    Also Enough With this Little Old Lady From Pasadena Crap ! She’s a Trademark Like Target She’s Everywhere !!!

  3. Let’s either:
    1. Defund Leftist-Globalist NPR. Let them compete with MSNBC for Lefty advertisers and Lefty viewers. If they can.

    2. Continue NPR, but completely purge the Lefty hosts, writers, producers etc. Completely restaff it with American Patriots.
    Make it an effective pro-American news, culture and commentary network.

    Either is fine with me.

  4. That’s why the sudden rush to install her as Mayor of NYC. She’s very vulnerable to prosecution when she holds no public office with which to enrich and shield herself.

  5. Since that “dangerous precedent” apparently doesn’t apply to those who aren’t in the elitist club, it seems the corruptocrats and their enablers are worried….good.

  6. Please hurry up and arrest her and all her cronies, execute them, and get them out of our misery.

    We are sick and tired of them.

  7. I’d like to see a meme created that depicts Hillary in an orange jumsuit hanging by the neck with all the globalists that support her in a mass grave underneath her, all with the shirts that say “I’m With Her”.

    That would be powerful.

  8. But it is a US political norm for the losers of a democratic election to make up collusion with a foreign government, get a partisan hack to head up a special investigation that goes out on a wild witch hunt to take out the POTUS within his first year in office.
    Take the gloves off and take her, DWS and the rest of them down.

  9. Slightly off topic, but related. What the hell is going on with the NSA head, McMaster and how he is keeping obama people in place and firing the people that are anti-islam and pro Isreal. And why, on God’s green earth does Susan Rice still have Security Clearance?!?!

  10. Trump is probably the only one who could defund NPR and PBS and remove their tax status and get away with it. Let Jeff Bezos, Soros and the rest of the limo left pay for it.

  11. To extent the judge’s comment above, what kind of precedent do we set if Hillary isn’t criminally prosecuted at this point?

    What kind of deterrence will there be against current or future members of the executive branch engaging in the same criminal conduct as the former Madame secretary?

  12. The Political elite are exempt under the two tiered justice system. Even if convicted they are often pardoned and keep their Cadillac pensions and healthcare benefits.

    Remember Dan Rostenkowski. The Corrupt Chicago ward committeemen turned powerful Congressman? Became an instant $Millionaire from payoffs, bribes, had ghost payrollers, two counts of mail fraud in connection with charges that he used public funds to buy favors for relatives and political associates and converted stamps bought out of his congressional budget into cash.

    After conviction in 1996, Rostenkowski (the Millionaire) never lost his Congressional retirement of $104,000/year and was pardoned by Bill Clinton in 2000.

    It’s good when you’re in the good ol’ boys club. Hillary bought her way in with appointments, favors and big bucks.

  13. If Trump were a democrat and Hitlery were a Repube, Peter Overby would have a completely reversed argument. It would be all about how the need to enforce our sacred laws fairly and equally takes precedence over any petty concerns about the appearance of criminalizing politics or punishing the electoral loser.

  14. As opposed to how very bad for our nation it would be for the loser of an election to pursue criminal charges against the winner – what we have now with the Mueller/Team Clinton witch hunt squad.

  15. Dr Tar is right! If I don’t see an investigation of Hillary this year, Trump will NOT be getting my vote. Sorry, James Comey read the the indictment last year and was too much of a pussy to send it to a special prosecutor for indictment and prosecution.

  16. dumbplumber, if I don’t see action taken against political corruption in general I might be done voting at all. I’ve had all I can stand and I can’t stand no more.

  17. Stefan Molyneux pretty much came to the same conclusion as above if there is no action taken in the Awan IT tech guys to House Dem scandal or as I am going to start calling it Pakigate.

    He believes a lot of citizens are going to just give up on our whole system government and check out.

    That Abid Awan and his brothers are some awful human beings. They played her for the sucker she was and still is.

  18. I would love to see the 1st democrat held accountable for their corruption.

    It truly would be unprecedented.

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