NPR makes excuses for Aztec human sacrifice

I get the feeling every now and then that academics and journalists place a low value on human life, thinking of it as no more precious than a commodity to be depleted and replenished as necessary. STORY

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  1. judgeroybean;
    Because the US government money reactor is in meltdown and the control rods have been stolen and/or jammed.

  2. If given the opportunity, I am certain the leftists would gladly “sacrifice”(slaughter) every last one of us deplorables. That’s why the writer is so “impressed” by the daily slaughter tally. He’s just ruminating on how to get rid of us.

  3. Only criminal and immigrant life is valued by the left: because these groups are useful as brownshirts and as dependent voters. All other humans are disposable. Just ask mao, Stalin, Pol pot, and the like. Why, even ask soros.

  4. It was an act of love and mercy, like my nine (ten? whatever) abortions. Those noble indigenous saints were saving their descendants from the dark future of ORANGEMANBAD which their wise prophecies foretold.

  5. Conservative Cowgirl is spot on. People are no different now than the were 2000 years ago we just have nicer things.

  6. NPR sucks, I haven’t listened to them since the mid 80’s. All Things Considered should be All Liberal Things Considered, no other opinions should be allowed. And they need to be totally defunded by the Feds, the same goes for PBS and The Corp. For Public Broadcasting. Fund them with those absolutely annoying pledge drives which I hate with a passion, let’s see if they’d pony up their own money to fund their propaganda.

  7. “… the leftists would gladly “sacrifice”(slaughter) every last one of us deplorables …”

    Got some bad news for em!

    Many deplorables would just as gladly sacrifice them!

    So, mix it up?

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Cultural appropriation is attacked by the Democrats so I will never dress as an American Indian, try cannibalism, kill innocent whites, touch anything that has a wheel, pray to a snake etc..

  9. The Aztecs slaughtered 20,000 people in one day, but the Catholic missionaries were the bad guys for bringing Christianity to the Americas.

  10. @gin

    Grotesque killing is featured in so many movies the left loves. I admit to having seen lots of them and liking them as well. But no more.

    Think about it. Dead people (zombies) come out of the grave and murder living people to eat their flesh. Or Dracula, who bites people in the neck to drink their blood, which eventually makes them vampires as well. Or Frankenstein, a creature sewn together from various body parts and given a jolt of electricity, then stumbles around before murdering a blind little girl picking flowers (in the original 1932 version). Or the wolfman, who turns into a vicious wolf when the moon is full and kills and devours people.

    Think about it. Are these sick ideas or not?


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