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NPR punks its own dumbass readers

NPR put up a post that said “Why Doesn’t America Read Anymore?”

The readers went nuts in the comments with quips such as “we’re reading this right now, aren’t we??!!!??!!”

But hidden in the body of the post was this –

NPR Pulled a Brilliant April Fools' Prank On People Who Don't Read

And who reads NPR? Oh, that’s right, the self-anointed intelligentsia. The left. The informed left.


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  1. Headlines and Pics Say It All

    Now that Lindsay Lohan has shockingly fessed up that she’s not really a virgin and has written out a list of (male) Hollywood stars she has bedded as of 2013, can we still believe that Lindsay is honest and trustworthy? Her married and unwed (male) lovers allegedly include Justin Timberlake, Colin Farrell, Zach Efron, the late Heath Ledger and 32 others. Fortunately for everyone, the superslut’s list didn’t include Justin Bieber or else America might lose its collective lunch–as well as all respect for her!
    The fate of the nation is up for grabs in 2016. Some have speculated that the GOP will lose due in part to the Republican’s visceral hatred of blacks as seen by their efforts to make black people more self-sufficient and their relentless war on women by advocating to save them from bloodthirsty abortionists like Kermit Gosnell. has suggested that Democrats can insure victory with a dream ticket of Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama. That combo would serve to alleviate both male and white guilt although this possibly-photo shopped pic of Hillary/Michelle could turn off sensitive voters.

    As in all imperfect worlds, glitches tend to pop up during the quest for unachievable perfection. One such glitch is Sydney, Australia residient who goes by the name Norrie, a born-male, re-gendered female, who now considers him-her-itself “gender neutral.” The Australian High Court backed his-her-its case for gender neutrality recognition. Following a slew of appeals, Norrie was awarded gender neutral status in a unanimous judgment High Court judgment last week, unequivocably verifying that Aussie judges are as nutty as our own esteemed jurists.

    America’s borders are a sick joke and the people assigned to protect and defend them are suffering the consequences of that joke. Not only do Border Patrol agents face the daunting task of protecting and defending the demarcation boundaries that define any nation but they get little or no support from our government which even discourages them from protecting and defending themselves. The American Civil Liberties Union and their liberal-leftist allies actually campaign against their right to use force when responding to attacks launched by illegal, invading aliens despite the facts the attacks with sometimes huge rocks often inflict significant injuries on Border Patrol agents.

    In the Cairo suburb of Ain Shans, 25 year old Coptic Christian woman, Mary Sameh George, was dragged from her car, beaten, and stabbed to death by a Muslim Brotherhood mob for committing the heinous sin of hanging a Christian cross from her rear-view mirror, proving once again that it’s not nice to disagree with Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Islamic buddies when the Religion of Peace is offended by symbols of any other religion. The murder followed mosque prayer services where Muslims may have prayed to Allah for the opportunity to climb onto a Christian’s car, drag out a young woman, beat, maul her, literally tear off parts of her scalp, repeatedly stab her, then slit her throat and, in his bountiful generosity, good, old Allah granted their every wish. (See the pics at

  2. Oh the irony of castration! This is just like the Executive staff. “Let’s roll with it!” No thinking beyond what happens beyond that.

  3. What’s with the huge first comment?
    Just give me the link Dude. I’ll be happy to come to your blog and read it.

  4. National Propaganda Radio — that’s who they are.

    And we’re paying for it with our tax dollars.

    Remember: Boehner and the GOP ‘establishment’ had the opportunity to cut off funding to this shithole — but did not.

  5. That’s why the journos always put the pertinent info 30 paragraphs into the story, where we find out the perp was a muslim or a democrat.

    The joke’s on you, lefties, because we read every word.

  6. I haven’t listened to NPR news since the mid 80’s! All Liberal Things Considered has no interest to me. And I can’t listen to Garrison Keillor anymore because he won’t shut up about his damned liberal politics and support for Obama.

  7. NPR isn’t completely bad.

    For a while I had it on my clock radio and my alarm would turn it on in the morning.

    The annoyance was pretty effective in waking me up.


  8. I listen to NPR every morning on the way to work. At least some us must accept the mission to go inside the enemy’s camp and observe their propaganda techniques.

    I will offer this report I heard the other day during an interview with a journalist reporting on the earthquake in Chile. Apparently global warming is a factor in this disruption of tectonic plates.

    I also learned some years ago of the amazement from a CNN personality as to how a volcano could erupt in Iceland when it is so cold up there.

    Bless their little elitist hearts… they try so hard to act informed.

  9. I assume (I am not going to actually check) that the majority of comments were of the, “because Amerikkka is stuupid!” and the “dumb red-staters!” type.

  10. Reading, what’s reading? Isn’t that something only older people do, no need to read when you can be told how to think by the state appointed media. Give me a book any time over some snotty, arrogant intellectualoid telling me how to think. Call me Montag, the Beatty’s of the world are scared of us who read and want us all to be dumb so we can be subjects to their will.

  11. Funny, my first thought upon reading the first comment was that it’s refreshing to see a well considered and well written rant. I guess I’ve always been the weird one.

    IOpian, I really appreciate that there are right-thinking people like yourself willing to listen to the enemy’s swill and report on it for me so I don’t have to; I truly don’t have the stomach for it. I’m serious; I really, really do appreciate it.

    Of course you remember when CNN’s Deborah Feyerick asked their alleged science guru if an asteroid was the result of global warming……

  12. @IOpian the funniest story I heard was a female reporter doing a story on the Navy’s use for 50yrs of some little island east of Puerto Rico for shelling practice. The reporter actually ask an Admiral in the Navy if they could use some place in Arizona instead.
    How he answered her with busting a gut laughing is beyond me. I would have told the idiot to show me the Arizona coastline.

  13. Listening to All Things Considered on the way to work a few years ago, they were whining about not being able to measure the pollution level in the Yukon River because there was too much water.

    It was probably a report specific to Alaska but my only thought was WTF.

  14. I listen for the jazz/classical, and to investigate how these lost souls can come to their thinking (wait for it… ahahahahahaaaaa!!!!) conclusions.
    To shrink government would utterly destroy their universe, and may I suggest they’d thank us later for it?

    If we the ppl would learn the Truth of matters, maybe we could Progressively put the Progressives..(Stomp!!!) Under our Feet.

    I do agree though that more reading ought to take place, and the RIGHT material.

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