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NPR Worries Declaring Portland Unrest A ‘Riot’ Could Be Racist

Daily Wire: National Public Radio, which earlier in the week hosted a guest who defended looting per an earlier report from The Daily Wire, also fretted openly that labeling the three-month-long period of unrest in Portland, Oregon, a “riot” could be an example of internalized racism.

Portland has been roiled by protests and demonstrations, many of which turn violent after dark, for nearly 100 days. Saturday night, that violence erupted into bloodshed, as “anti-fascist” demonstrators allegedly shot and killed a Trump supporter who was attending a counter-protest.

“An apparent right-wing protester was shot to death on Saturday night in Portland after the city’s Democratic mayor refused federal assistance from the Trump administration to help maintain peace in the city, which has seen nearly 100 days of violent riots dating back to May,” The Daily Wire reported early Sunday. “The shooting happened after right-wing protesters drove trucks around the city with American flags and Trump flags and were met by far-left Antifa activists who blocked traffic and threw things at the vehicles, which often elicited a response from the vehicles.” more

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  1. For Christ’s sake, what isn’t racist if it can possibly be seen by them as a way to advance their political agenda?

  2. Call it like it is….
    A riot, is a riot, is a riot.

    It’s not racist until its a race riot and that’s most likely coming next when this line of attack fails, but not just yet, gotta be closer to Nov 3 election for affect.


  3. The day after the election President Re-Elect Trump needs to sign an Executive Order removing the last of the federal funding from NPR. I’m not sure whether donations to NPR are tax-deductible but if so then that status should be removed as well. All public money that somehow finds it’s way into NPR (through public colleges for example) needs to be stopped. Let them stand completely on their own.

  4. How is it racist to call the riots riots when most of the rioters are white, middle-class professional Marxists?

  5. “…a “riot” could be an example of internalized racism.”

    Learned a new term today. Is this worse than externalized racism?

  6. NPR is documenting they have low expectations of black leftist activists’ behavior. Their view is – It’s what they naturally do, you can’t blame the scorpion for stinging the frog as it swims him across the stream, can you?

  7. It is a Black Lives Matter, pre planned, tightly coordinated, well supplied, Soros funded, TERRORIST attack. If that is racist, so be it. The truth is usually a bitch.
    These pukes are bused in, along with AntiFa pukes, and now they are going paramilitary and homicidal. Meet paramilitary force with real military force and put an end to this bullshit NOW!

  8. Remember: boehner had the chance to defind npr and pbs, but, like the extorted rino scumbag he is, be sold us out.

  9. “Pernicious incitement to looting being pushed by NPR”

    “The twisted logic of author Vicky Osterweil’s new book, In Defense of Looting, would be laughable were it not so dangerous. Yet it is being taken seriously by NPR and other media outlets that should know better.

    In her interview with NPR featuring no pushback from the taxpayer-funded network’s interviewer, Osterweil says of looting: “You’re mass shoplifting. Most stores are insured; it’s just hurting insurance companies on some level. It’s just money. It’s just property. It’s not actually hurting any people.”…” .

  10. You can’t use the word riot or thug or posse or anything with a negative connotaition because they all make people think of one thing–blacks.


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