NRA Challenges Biden: ‘Joe – We’ll say it real slow. Come and Take It’

Clearly Joe didn’t write this tweet. The complete sentences gave it away. Joe and his supporters fear-monger using words like “assault weapon” to describe America’s most popular home defense rifle – the AR-15 – or “AR-14” to Joe. Joe – We’ll say it real slow. Come and Take It.

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12 Comments on NRA Challenges Biden: ‘Joe – We’ll say it real slow. Come and Take It’

  1. Thank you NRA. This is exactly the type of response everyone understands.

    “complete sentences”, LOL. Could you ever have imagined that democrats would prop up a person like him to lead the greatest country in the world? What bastards. I thought Mcgovern and dukakis were beaten like a rented red headed mule but in this election i truly believe Trump will sweep

  2. Some good people do not like the NRA but they have to agree that it still kicks the enemies of the 2A with a BIG boot.

  3. That’s it. I am turning in all of my assault weapons immediately.

    Kitchen knives
    Pick axes
    Bolt cutter
    My hands
    Oh. And my guns. including my pellet gun.
    I can’t be trusted.

    But if you piss me off and someone needs killing. I still have a rake. A sharp pencil. Scissors. An entrenching tool.

    Seriously. Just take everything I own. Including paper.

    I could probably kill you with fuzzy slippers if I put my mind to it.

    Every day is an IQ test and the left has a perfect score.

  4. The NRA will meet Joe half way and give him whatever he wants for the sake of “compromise”. They did it before, they will do it again. Tough talk from a lobby famous for caving.

  5. Who’s gonna confiscate our AR-14’s, Joe? All the cops… you defunded & fired? 😳

    Your Nanny Brigade of social workers? After House #1, they’ll QUIT. En MASSE. 😳

  6. Considering that governments have been responsible for epic stacks of dead men, women, children, and even livestock, through history, I’m skeptical about calls “For our safety” in general, calls for disarming the populace in particular..


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