NRA Supports Kavanaugh as Supreme Court Pick


The NRA supports Kavanaugh, as do other gun advocacy groups. Why? NRA’s Chris Cox noted prior to Trump’s announcement that ‘four Supreme Court Justices say you have the right to have a firearm in your own home to defend your family. Four other justices say you don’t. Justice Anthony Kennedy was the deciding vote that said you did. He’s retiring.’ The man Trump picked for his replacement, Brett Kavanaugh, has stood firm on his decisions to rule in favor of the Second Amendment, even when he has been the lone voice.  more here


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  1. The right to bear arms and defend one’s home is at the very heart of what America stands for. I hope I’m not alive to see the bloodshed and carnage that will likely result when or if the Powers That Be come to seize those arms and abrogate that right.

  2. Kavanah has such extreme views…
    They can be traced to the Foundation Documents,
    Radical in the extreme when written,
    Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights,
    The whole idea is preposterous,
    Citizens telling government what it can and cannot do,
    It will never last!

  3. 2A is not god given or judge enforced.

    Self protection and preservation from threats, and government, and access to food is innate to human beings.

    A bow and arrow being no different. Go ask an Indian.


  4. I Kavanaugh isn’t prepared to strike down all, and I mean ALL, laws banning the keeping and bearing arms identical or equivalent to every individual or crew-served military weapon, then he is not the originalist he claims to be.

    Remember: the Minutemen had artillery.

  5. Uh, Tony R, the 2nd A. was written by men. I think you may be confusing the right to keep and bear arms with the Constitutional recognition of that right.

  6. Kavanaugh is solid 2A.

    That is not the issue I have with his nomination. People are pointing to his ObamaCare opinion, but even that is less concerning to me than his Bush affiliations. You show me a Bush associate and I will show you a closet progressive, who identifies with unabashed four flushers.

  7. @Uncle Al ~ bit confused w/ your retort to Tony R … are you saying that since 2A was added, that it doesn’t fit in the ‘Life, Liberty, pursuit of Happiness’ part? or was it added as clarification? ….. or, was it added as a ‘common defense’ clause? … or it was ‘written by men’, but the other part wasn’t?
    questions … questions

    like I said …. I’m confused …. big surprise!
    (& should I discuss this over a couple several more than a few Glenlivets)

  8. @ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ – Nah, you’re just trying to read too much into it. Tony R would have been spot on if @ghost of col j glover had written “the right to keep and bear arms is not god given…” but of course that’s not what he said. The Constitution is an attempt to secure the unalienable rights endowed by our Creator.

    Hey. Now I’m mixing up the Declaration and the Constitution too.


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