NRA teams up with farmers, ranchers, sportsmen to warn Floridians to vote ‘no’ on ‘Trojan Horse’ 13


Amendment 13 is a Trojan Horse; Passage Could Devastate Florida Agriculture and Infringe on Sportsmen’s Rights

[…] Amendment 13 will be on the ballot November 6 and requires 60 percent of the vote to pass. The language describing the amendment, which voters will see on the ballot when they go to the polls, merely states: “ends dog racing.” But the language added to Florida’s Constitution if this ballot initiative passes is what’s concerning to Florida’s farmers and sportsmen. The Amendment states that the “the humane treatment of animals is a fundamental value of the people of the State of Florida.” This type of vague, undefined declaration in Florida’s Constitution is likely to be exploited by activist groups to bring lawsuits against family farms and sportsmen.


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  1. Beware of nonspecific ballot amendments. The left are famous for sneaking shit like this through on unsuspecting voters. Look at the ballot sponsors and their alliances.

  2. This year’s ballot has a lot of “lawyer” speak one initiative claims to change obsolete laws and language yet doesn’t specify anything.

  3. I looked at some of the Florida ones. They are bundled with stuff that has nothing to do with the other. ie: Victim’s rights amendment paired up with extending judges age limit to 75 before retiring instead of 70. WTF?
    And the ones I saw have no business and no need being written into the FL constitution. Or any other state’s constitution for that matter.

  4. Oh. One proposal is super majority votes required to raise taxes and fees.
    That one sounds lovely. As long as you don’t get a bunch of progs in FL government.

  5. Thanks for the reminder MJA. Everyone should study state ballot initiatives, which are an afterthought for most. Just studied Virginia’s. Sent email to my representative for clarification.

    Do the same, all.

    Just lost power. Might be out for a while.

  6. From the article. “it would eviscerate our state’s reputation as the Fishing Capital of the World, which draws thousands and thousands of tourists to our waters every year.”
    The visitors are the only reason Florida has NO state income tax. Get rid of the anglers and they will reduce their income by 30-50%.
    That’s just out of state. The loss of instate license revenue would be catastrophic.


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