NRA Tests Armatix Smart Gun

smart gun

Finds It To Be Pretty Dumb.

13 Comments on NRA Tests Armatix Smart Gun

  1. The fact that you need three hands to program this POS clearly tells me that it was designed by libturds for libturds, because only a libturd would think this handgun (and only in .22 I gathered) will cure all our ills.

  2. Hey you know who should test this? 0bama and Mich’s Secret Service! That’s how you REALLY test a product. LIVE! And to make it all official, let the lib media know they’re using it and have them brag about it, and they can feel so proud of themselves for being part of the solution! How exciting!!!

  3. “We tried to defend ourselves with the Obama 2100 Smart Gun, but the fucking battery was dead. So, the Al Qaeda Obama Brigade was able to rape all our goats. 🙁 ”

    You also have to wonder when they’ll put remote kill switches in these things, if they haven’t already. Just for the completely corrupt government to use, of course.

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