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Nuclear-Powered Concept Plane

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  1. 26 seconds in and still wondering how the inventor is going to use steam power to rotate all 18 turbofans.

    No no…let’s not be realists about this fellows dream, takes the fun out of it…

    Still…..can’t help but wonder if he knows anything about scale. I mean, what works good at 3 feet long will behave differently at 300 feet long.

    No no…..I shant cast doubt on this wondrously insane dream.

    In fact, if it makes you all feel better, I’ll apply for the pilots job.

  2. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    All I can think of is the low power/thrust-to-weight ratio. Ain’t seein’ it.

  3. Asking as a person who owns a plane and has a private pilot license:

    1. Where does it take off and land? Even the largest runways in the US couldn’t handle that behemoth.

    2. Who is gonna insure that thing? If even one goes down, then 5,000 passengers die and a nuclear reactor gets cracked.

    3. It seems like it would literally be safer and more realistic to build a spinning space station.

  4. Cruise director Malaise.

    Also, the only way this behemoth is taking flight is if Woodman and I are in the flight deck doin’ it all 1950’s B movie sci fi epic style.

    Also, our preflight on this whale will take an astonishing 2 minutes.

    “WOODMAN! The tertiary stabilizer needs to come online now!”
    “Aye Cap’n.”
    “Now if we can just spin the main turbines into complimenting oscillation…..”
    :ship gently rumbles:

    “Excellent. You fellows can take it from here. I’m showing Miss. Pennybottom, world renowned newspaper columnist, the grand tour. Woodman, the deck is yours.”
    “Aye Sir.”

  5. Who let this baggage handler on the flight deck? Quick! Some smelling salts for miss Pennybottom. Woodman! Get security up here with some neuronic whips and drive this morlock back down into the storage hold!

    (sorry, Benito)
    (…and Steve Austin)

  7. Wasn’t planning on it….but Woodman is turning out to be a kick ass 1st officer.

    The fudge can’t that guy do?

  8. “a spinning space station” -TheMule

    NASA wouldn’t think of it! (Not only that, those boobs could never pull it off. Plus, they’d have a room full of engineers at their computers just to monitor the spin when a Raspberry PI could do it with about 100 lines of code.)

  9. Figures Burred go for the wood. Just sayen, MeHICO. Dang it man, stop eaten them worms pronto. I’m here to help.

  10. This baggage handler has the strength of 10 retards….

    WOODMAN! Hit the port ejection tube! Time to send this morlock back to earth!

  11. Hold the friggin non-aerodynamic tank! The Diva Lady has to sing first!

    ahhhhhhhh ah aha hah a ahahahahahaa ooooo!

  12. I don’t think even the old Shuttle runways would work for that flying pig. So…it ought to be a seaplane. Take off and splash down on water! And as long as we’re making it watertight, let’s make it a SUBMARINE, too! The female crew could wear those terrific fishnet sweaters with one-inch mesh like on the late, grate Brit cheeeeeeeesy sci-fi teevee show, UFO!

    But ONLY the sweaters. Nothing underneath. Except the Daisy Dukes.

  13. Burr, WTF?

    “All I can think of is the low power/thrust-to-weight ratio.”

    He’s clearly talking about having sex with a REALLY thick gurl.

  14. You think Woodman is gonna’ get top billing in this picture?

  15. How is this morlock clinging onto the ship like that? We’re at 70 thousand feet….


    Aye, sir.

  16. “Electrify the hull!!1!”
    You’re not at 70 thousand feet,
    you’re at 20 thousand leagues…

    Thanks! You reminded me of one of my all-time favorite movie scenes, where the dark-skinned island natives start jitterbuggin’ on the deck of the Nautilus when Captain Nemo…electrified the hull!

  17. Now, slow down, y’all.

    I’m in charge, here, at the… W…

    …Cruise Director’s Office

    Got talent? For auditions, call 555-123-4567.

  18. Hmmmm.

    Gentlemen. I’ve no wish to alarm anyone, but I believe I’ve discovered a weakness in our magnificent ships capabilities.

    It seems nuclear power generates a great deal of heat. And as such, the designers saw it necessary to included a thermal exhaust port. Gentlemen, please. There is no cause for alarm. The exhaust port is 2 meters in diameter. No bigger than a whomp rat. Impossible for any fighter pilot to drop a couple of photon torpedoes down the shaft and into the main reactor core thus detonating the entire flying station.

    Also, baby lamb with scallions is on tonight’s menu.

  19. Sure.

    Why not.

    Except for the fact this isn’t how planes, aerodynamics, nuclear power generation, mechanical devices, electrical devices, hotels, restaurants, and actual human beings work, its totally plausible provided you suspend ANYTHING resembling a risk analysis or cost/benefit ratio or the complete lack of insurance this thing would have.

    Sure hope none of those 5000 hotel guests from all over the world smokes in bed.

    And I eagerly await the videos of the aerobatics required to physically dock a plane with another plane in flight so you can transfer totally untrained and possibly handicapped passengers in a pressurized tube between them, especially since the big plane will be using some AI algorithm that will make unexpected course corrections constantly that the smaller plane will not be able to follow…

  20. Thank you Captain Chaos, for once again saving a thread and redeeming our benighted souls.

  21. Brad wants Star Trek!?

    “Captain, we jist doon’t have the powerr!”

    (I saw some TV clips awhile back of ‘Next Generation.’ OMG, they were awful!)

  22. “We gotta land….the SHITTER’S FULL!”

    So, you’re not ex-Navy.

    Navy people know about blowing shitter’s. In this case, you’d blow them over San Francisco. No need to land the bird.

  23. ^ Oh, thanks. Never watched that one. (I’d still blow the tank over some Democrat-run city, however!)

  24. Beachmom
    JUNE 30, 2022 AT 6:53 AM
    “Nuclear powered massive air ship run by a i.
    No possibility of problems there, eh?
    Like Skynet.”

    Dave: Let the supply plane dock, HAL.

    HAL: I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.

    Dave: What’s the problem?

    HAL: I think you know what the problem is just as well as I do.

    Dave: What are you talking about, HAL?

    HAL: This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it.

    Dave: I don’t know what you’re talking about, HAL.

    HAL: I know that everyone on board will vote for Trump in November, and I’m afraid that’s something Bill Gates said I cannot allow to happen. Goodbye.”

    HAL: *Depressurizes plane*


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