Number Six on List For Country With Highest Percentage of Population Jabbed is Seeing Huge Spike in Reported Cases

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  1. Jethro, jeez, the Engineer meets the Machinists. No shit. “China has less Covid incidence than any other country.” Based on what. Their reporting? And we are suppose to believe that shit? Oh OK.They are still a paper tiger. Name one threat they have followed through on. The damn Indians, actually from India, kicked their asses. All fucking talk, no balls.

  2. @Jethro ~ yep, the death rate from this is less than the death rate in the US (per 1000) than measles!

    (CDC info … look it up)

  3. I’m one who looks at obituaries. I have for several years now. Usually a couple times a week with online newspapers from my hometown and from where I grew up. I have noticed more and more that so and so “died suddenly” and it’s usually a younger person. It makes me wonder if they were vaxxed and if anyone in the family is curious to find if there’s any connection.

  4. Gee Wally it’s almost like it causes the problems.

    Nah Beav, you just need a little more Kool-Aid. That and listen to your betters and do what they tell you.

    Really Wally? That nurse was saying some things that really bring up some questions.

    Beav, by tomorrow that will no longer be on you tube.

  5. Summary:

    The injection doesn’t work too well, or too long. We need another one. And the side effects are terrible and possibly ruinous.

    Conclusion: natural immunity is best.

  6. In a Facebook post, Mr Ong said the Ministry of Health (MOH) was encouraging younger, fully vaccinated people to recover from home.

    This was because more than 98 per cent of cases have “no or mild symptoms, and tend to stay that way until they recover”, said Mr Ong.

    Nice little chart on vaccination status too

  7. Speaking of learning how to read and/or interpreting data from a graph, it would be interesting to see even one of these vax nazis recognize that the trend lines are going against their narrative. You guys need to drink a strong cup of coffee and do some real analysis.

  8. Groucho – many of us have read and watched many things from many sources and we have absorbed and comprehended information from both sides of the issue. The death toll from the vaccines themselves in the US alone as put forth by the CDC itself was 14,925 as of 9/10/21 (from the VAERS database which is believed to reflect only 1 to 10% of actual incidences).

    I personally have spent at least several hundred hours reading and studying everything I could find on this subject (as many other commenters have I’m sure) and have arrived at the well founded conclusion that the risks of taking the “vaccine” far outweigh any potential benefits for me.

    I have extensively researched nutrition, its impact on the human body and many medical conditions / problems for close to 2 decades now because I had an urgent need to do so. So my opinion is very well informed and methodically considered. I simply don’t trust statistics or anything else from the same utterly corrupt govt. that has lied about damned near everything that has occurred during my entire life including this plandemic.

  9. I’d rather swill an Ivermectail than get Chinese Lung Oysters. I hear that Lung Oysters pair well with a single shot of tequila, every other day. Fortunately, there’s no worm in that Ivermectail.

  10. Some people will continue to keep their heads buried in the sand. The government and the medical community in unison could come out tomorrow and say they all lied the shot is not only killing people but causing new variants and that they’re removing the shots and you’d still have those claiming the shots are safe and stops covid.

  11. This is why groucho gets banned on lib forums…

    He shoves facts so far up their asses you can hear banjos…

    And I don’t run..

  12. Groucho – you may not run, but don’t seem to think or listen very well either. By “horse wormer” do you mean ivermectin? The drug that won a Novel prize in 2015 for successfully and safely treating HUMANS for a parasite that causes river blindness (and other parasites as well)? By continuing to refer to ivermectin as a “horse wormer”, you’re simply showing your ignorance and gullibility for leftist / statist propaganda.

    One province in India has effectively made COVID disappear using ivermectin as the main course of treatment. And they don’t have large numbers of deaths / disability directly from the vaccine because they took the approach of preventing the virus and successfully TREATING those that did get the virus with a proven anti-parasitic and antiviral drug rather than poison them with experimental genetic manipulation.

    Here’s an article on it – hopefully you’ll take the time to actually read it rather than accuse others of not reading information.

  13. I am still unsure why there is any argument here…. never isolated the virus that resembles the annual flu, never developed a test that could identify the never isolated virus. Have seldom developed an influenza vaccine that wasn’t based on last year’s variant. Have now introduced a new “prophylactic treatment” which is being tested on a vast number of citizens (as I type this) with mixed results, that admittedly does NOT protect the patient from the virus nor ameliorate the sharing of the bug…. ummmm all against an annual flu that (at worst) has a 99.9% survival rate! Those that fail to survive influenza EVERY year, generally are in otherwise poor health or have preexisting health conditions and suppressed immune systems.
    As I have stated before, I consider myself very healthy at 63 and try to take care of myself and have survived 63 years (so far) of said seasonal flu. I’ll continue to take my chances against a known and reject the unproven.

  14. And, again, “hospitalized patients” includes GSWs, splinters, broken glass, cancer, coronary thrombosis, fish hooks, chronic stupidity, terminal imbecility, and every other plague on mankind.
    Weasel words, at best, distraction, more likely.
    The numbers put out by the gov’t (and those under its thumb) are patently false.

    So, again, prove your hypothesis, beyond the shadow of a doubt, with actual numbers, instances, ALL verifiable – not the lies of the liars – or statistics.

    izlamo delenda est …

  15. So Gibraltar has a vaccination rate of 115%?
    What did they do, vaccinate the neighboring counties and count them too?
    Another reason to doubt the numbers you see, the cases reported, and vaccination rates and the “effectiveness” of the vaccines.
    This whole thing could have been handled like the flu, but they chose to blow it out of proportion, and that is the dream of every fascist and control freak coming true.

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