Numbers Don’t Lie – Vermonters In the Land of Bernie Sanders Do

Vermont’s Kurig Green Mountain Coffee is pulling up stakes because of the 35.4% corporate tax rate heaped on their heads. They’re moving to Switzerland and its less than 10% corporate tax rate.

Leftist azzwipes in Vermont are whining about corporate greed!


But some casual browsing of some statistics reveals that New Hampshire is benefitting big time by their decision to not tax alcohol. Vermont has a 27 cent per gallon excise tax on beer, a 55 cent per gallon tax on wine, and a $7.68 per gallon tax on hard liquor.

New Hampshire’s windfall is the result of border-crossers from the land of Sanders.

STFU Vermont and all you socialist acolytes.

ht/ sam s.

15 Comments on Numbers Don’t Lie – Vermonters In the Land of Bernie Sanders Do

  1. Vermont has a $7.68 tax on liquor?????…….Hoe Lee Krap!!!
    ….another state I will never set foot in…
    Socialism is worse than the Mafia!

  2. The mental illness of Liberalism prevents them from noticing, comprehending and extrapolating the obvious markers and results of this trend that the rest of us can see clearly.

  3. I would like for reporter to ask Bernie if he is a socialist for only Vermont or is he a socialist for the whole nation. Would that make him a National Socialist
    Is saying nazi going a step too far?

  4. Somehow or another it’s appropriate that Keurig coffee comes from Vermont. Another overpriced brand just like Ben and Jerry’s, neither of which I will ever buy. I can make my own coffee with an old fashioned coffee maker thank you and it’s far cheaper than paying for instant convenience. And isn’t convenience an oxymoron when it’s used this way to promote laziness and a moral and condescending superiority that we’re better than you because we drink snob coffee? Starschmucks is the same way!

  5. The impression given by listening to Bernie supporters is that he can do no wrong…when you dig down a little below the surface, these supporters are public teat fed voters who won’t bite the teat that feeds them…nuff said….

  6. Yep. That’s always the way it ends up. Any taxes/fees/licenses imposed, at any level, ALWAYS trickles down to the consumer at the bottom of the pyramid.


    No one has a right to move his business out of America. That brand of Capitalism is capital treason. Americans created the wealth of those fatcat parasites. Let them shut down if they feel they are overtaxed. This is just an excuse to betray real Americans anyway. Don’t ever believe these greedy leeches can’t make a good enough profit no matter what the tax.

    “Mafia”? The Mafia protects working people. Sign the union contract or you get whacked. The same goes for Vermont’s governor if he forces the business to shut down. Even so, outsourcing must be outlawed. Business emigration no more Constitutional than illegal immigration.


    The rich own our government. You believe their whining about taxes? You really are a bootlicking yes-man if you do. Brownnoses for Bluebloods aren’t White

    . “Forced” outsourcing is just an excuse for to make even more from sweatshops. Give them something to really whine about.


    Yeah, moochers just like Right Wing preppy snobs who’d be nobodies without Daddy’s Money. You gotta be kidding me if you don’t think a lazy Low IQ punk like Dubdud wouldn’t be sucking off Gubmint teat if we outlaw anti-democratic birth privileges. Let’s force the HeirDads to tell their spoiled putrid brats the same thing they tell us, “Work your way through college, son. If you can’t stand living like that, join the Army.”

    The gutless spawn of the rich, whether they are Leftist pacifists or Rightist chickenhawks, better start joining the military and learn how to fight, because the next war is going to be against them.

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