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NXIVM Ringleader Gets 120 Years


Keith Raniere, the disgraced leader of a self-improvement group in upstate New York, has been sentenced to 120 years in prison, authorities said Tuesday. A jury convicted the 60-year-old on seven charges, including sex trafficking, racketeering, and forced labor conspiracy, in 2019. More

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  1. As a woman, should any man want to “brand” me with his initials while 2 other women held me down, he would be wearing his balls as ear rings, and his two female helpers would be minus their lady parts.

  2. …you know, it’s possible to go in through a man’s belly and do pretty much anything while there as long as you don’t part any main cables or penetrate the diaphram right away. Tearing mesentary tissue (and there’s a LOT of it, it’s holding all your chitlins where they’re supposed to be) is said to be extremely painful as is parting the peritoneum to get in AND the ones around the organs. It’s possible to squeeze the forming wads of shit against the peristalsis back into the stomach which will likely produce some VERY unpleasant sensations, perhaps the sort sometimes likened to “lighting matches”, maybe reach down into the peritoneal cavity past the bladder and see if you can pull the testicles from the scrotom from the INSIDE, conduct experiments in how much liver damage can be done without actually killing a guy but turning him interesting shades of yellow, use the kidneys as twin tetherballs, pluck the gall bladder like a cherry tomato from a stem, cross-connecting his uriter to one of the many, many lesser veins availabe in the region…yep, all sorts of interesting things that could be done, but it would STILL take a long time to die, and it could be filmed for others who attempt the same sorts of things to enjoy as sort of a “Coming Attractions” sort of thing, you know, kind of give them a little pause why they contemplate how much fun it was to rape children and how they feel about all that “pleasure” they had now that they’re headed for its polar opposite. Lid locks might be in order, but it would be simpler to just cut their eyelids off in the atrum anyway. It’s not like they’ll be needing them any more.

    …you can let him wear a mask during all this, of course.

    Safety first!

    …just sayin’…

  3. Well, it seems he’s getting a time out on his scam. They should let him out early for good behavior in 99 years. What an ahoe.

  4. Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman
    OCTOBER 28, 2020 AT 10:40 AM
    Are you SURE you weren’t called Dr Mengele in a prior lifetime?”

    …nope, just a student of history with some very basic medical knowledge who’s seen more than enough of the shattered lives and torn bodies these fuckers leave behind after gratifying their perversions on them to last me several lifetimes.

    There’s not enough bad that can happen to these Democrats in the circles of this world to make up for even a tiny fraction of the hell they inflict.

    But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t TRY.

    As long as it ends in death.

    Its the ONLY thing that stops a pedophile.

    The ONLY thing.

  5. Brown Eyed Girl
    OCTOBER 28, 2020 AT 11:14 AM
    “SNS, we need to know who you really are….”

    No one. I’ve described myself in way too much detail before today right here here, and it’sall actually me for what it’s worth, if you’re ever bored enough to look. Just a regular blue collar guy that spent a few years looking too deeply into the eyes of evil when he was young and without the Lord and got sick of it forevermore.

    But I’m just as important and well-known as the dishwasher at your local Cracker Barrel. If I told you my name, it wouldn’t mean a thing to you.

    And you don’t have to worry about avoiding me as a psychopath. I will never gain any political power or show up in a neighborhood near you.

    And whatever the desire in my heart, whatever rage the Lord has yet to heal in me, the path He has set me on does not seem likely to lead to me to being a Batman type avenger any time soon. It’s mostly just the talk of an impotent old man, my version of “GET OFF MY LAWN”, I suppose. And to the extent it could possibly be anything else, it would be foolish to discuss on an open forum like this anyway, so there’s that.

    …more’s the pity…


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