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NY Accounting Program Bans White People

National Pulse-

summer accounting program sponsored by a number of major New York universities and designed for high school students does not permit white students to apply.

The program, “Career Opportunities in the Accounting Profession,” is sponsored by the Moynihan Scholarship Fund and the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants, as well as nine leading New York universities, including five public universities. The course intends to introduce to the accounting profession 250 “promising underrepresented high school students.” more here

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  1. Generally accepted accounting methods are not defined by color, height, weight, physical ability or economic standing.
    Any definition or criteria expressed is blatant discrimination and against federal and state laws and should be prosecuted.

  2. …in the meantime, do you really want an accountant who believes that using mathematics and getting the correct answer is racist?

  3. …in the meantime I’m pretty certain that both the word and title ‘accountant’ is racist!

  4. I’m gonna start a School For Chartered Accountants with the caveat that wogs are strictly prohibited.

    Let us see how long that lasts.

  5. Because Maff.

    Hire these fuckers!
    Go to jail for evasion.

  6. Chance
    JUNE 7, 2021 AT 9:45 PM
    “Sorry guys, I’m a little bored.”

    …so tell us some par of your story. Why that handle? Why that avatar? Anyone shoot at you or try to stab you? Any reason they should WANT to?

    …we used to do that sometimes. Maybe it would be fun to do a little now. Here’s some about everyone else…


  7. the part I don’t get is if a fat slob freak of a guy can grow it’s hair out and suddenly be a girl, why can’t we all just identify as black and start attending?

  8. Under our current regime, the only approved racism is against Whites and Asians.

    Subotai Bahadur

  9. So I started screwing up at my Woke Work.
    – Mistakes
    – Late, incomplete work
    – Long lunches
    – Mouthing off to the boss
    When I got called out I said “Hey – YOU told me to BE LESS WHITE!”

  10. This is gonna be interesting when you consider most woke high schools no longer teach basic math cuz it’s considered racist.

  11. You KNOW they’ll be teaching 2 + 2 = 5 from the get-go.

    This is sad, because no one in their right mind – let alone any limo liberal – would hire anyone with a ‘degree’ from this program.

    Would you?

  12. America has gone from the sublime, all but skipped through the ridiculous and ended up wallowing in the surreal. To even put something like this on the table for consideration would have landed you in a padded cell just a few decades ago and now it is considered reasonable. Beam me up, I can’t take much more of this kind of shit.

  13. It is beyond time for National Skip Work Today If You’re White Day. Let’s demonstrate our value to America in a way they will never forget.

  14. Chance
    JUNE 8, 2021 AT 1:50 AM
    “@ ǝpɐɥsʇɥɓᴉuɹǝdnS

    I’m in there at the link you provided.”

    …you are indeed, but you don’t say very much.

    I was hoping if you were bored you’d say a bit more…

  15. The Moynihan Scholarship Fund and the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants…They’re lust like the Freedom Riders.

  16. “They don’t want equality, they want their turn.”

    Funny, but right after Thurgood Marshall was sworn in, he commented: “Now it’s our turn.”
    (true story – or, at least, factual)

    izlamo delenda est …


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