NY AG Files Lawsuit To Dissolve The NRA

Atlantic Journal Constitution

New York’s attorney general sued the National Rifle Association on Thursday, seeking to put the powerful gun advocacy organization out of business over allegations that high-ranking executives diverted millions of dollars for lavish personal trips, no-show contracts for associates and other questionable expenditures.

Attorney General Letitia James’ lawsuit, filed in state court in Manhattan after an 18-month investigation, highlighted misspending and self-dealing allegations that have roiled the NRA and its longtime leader, Wayne LaPierre, in recent years — from hair and makeup for his wife to a $17 million post-employment contract for himself.

Though the suit is currently classified as a civil matter, James said during her address Thursday that she would not rule out the possibility of a criminal referral, due to the the matter being “ongoing.” More

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  1. I have not given the NRA an unconstrained nickel in over a decade. Education and competition programs are where they are an asset. The NRA-ILA is an unmitigated menace.

    I tried to contact them last week and never got further than their paid donation gatherers. I am a Benefactor member and all three kids are Life members. I don’t regret supporting their competition and education programs, but any money given to the ILA will be wasted.

  2. New York’s attorney general just confirmed what we all knew, and the rumors we’ve heard from board members being shoved out. Wayne LaPierre has been using our donations to fund his families extravagant life style and meanwhile the gun owners are not being represented. Lets hope the NRA can be saved. We need them desperately.

  3. This is, of course, being done at the same time as the NYAG’s suit to dissolve the Clinton Foundation.

  4. The last guy to bail off of the NRA board, that I know of, was Tom Selleck. He issued a statement that basically said he was no longer enjoying the relationship. I wish he would have gone after these assholes.

  5. Use the same standard against every prog group out there. Not defending Lapierre, or saying they do it too. But what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

  6. Meanwhile federal background checks continue at record pace, you can’t even order many guns let alone find them in a store, ammo is out everywhere and takes a few weeks to receive sometimes when you do find it. So sure, the dems make it a point to not only defund the police but go on and attack the 2nd amendment. Good plan when 40% of gun purchasers are first time owners. Just a bone for their rabid lefties but the rest of the country may not be so impressed.

  7. Where does the NY AG have any authority to dictate anything to a private organization? She might be able to pursue charges for criminal behavior (if any) that occurred in her state. Otherwise, STFU!

  8. I’d like to see a federal review for corruption on the procedures, criminal charges and ethics of all of the NY DA’s offices. Wouldn’t that release a giant stinkball.

  9. I pay my membership dues and that’s it. I delete every email from Pepe Le’Pew.

    Charlton Heston was such a class act.

  10. Imagine the DOJ going after the NAACP because the colored people running it were living high off the hog through the donations. Or Al Sharpton.

    I don’t know what Wayne is doing, but i do know that the Washington DC republicans would let Al Sharpton abscond with a billion dollars of donations and never say a word about it.

    We deserve to lose. Period.

  11. First, I am no fan of NYAG. Try fixing your state, then go hunting once your state is perfect.
    But NRA, headquartered in Virginia, was totally absent during Governor Blackface’s unprecedented gun grab. Virginia Civilian Defense League (VCDL) and Gun Owners of America (GOA) were the only groups fighting the democrats.

    Also, why did Oliver North abruptly leave the NRA? I don’t believe he ever explained why.

    I have never trusted LaPierre. I have seen him at many CPACs and my sixth sense always identified him as a phony.

  12. Indict the bastards, try them and throw them in prison for embezzlement of members money and reorganize. That is what any legitimate judge would do.

  13. I’ll tell you what to expect from the NRA-ILA.

    You contact them and they pressure you for donations then…
    1) They will promise that their legal staff will show up when a bill is pending.
    2) They will not show up
    3) They will make excuses
    4) It will be very late in the game
    5). You are in your own locally and a lap down

    They do it every time

  14. June 10 I paid for a Ruger 31114 for a kid’s birthday on July 10. I was finally able to take possession on August 1 due to new Washington law that allows the local jurisdiction up to 10 business days to run background checks. The local jurisdiction just doesn’t do the background checks. NRA-ILA was only interested in discussing me making a financial a donation when I contacted them.

    I will not give any money to the NRA except in support of education or competition programs until the ILA is cleaned out and Lapierre and his cabal are gone…. preferably to federal prison.

    That being said, if you can, please donate or volunteer to support their education and/or competition programs.

    Gun Owners of America is a much better place to donate to for Second Amendment causes.

  15. @bad Brad

    I commented on your link.

    Virginia State Police spokesperson, Corrine Geller.
    Corrine used to be the anchor of the Richmond NBC affiliate. She’s a partisan.

    I still dislike and distrust the NRA. But I probably hate the NYAG even more.

  16. PHenry

    The good thing about this law suit is the cats out of the bag. And it’s well documented. We have talk radio on in the shop this morning and common consensus seems to be the AG has already botched the law suit. Didn’t catch why. But gun owners aren’t stupid, and they talk. Lets hope this is the end if LaPiere and crowd because we do need the NRA. The way it use to be.
    The Captains Journal is a good follow.

  17. @ PHenry AUGUST 6, 2020 AT 4:14 PM

    There is damn good reason to distrust the NRA-ILA and the leadership, but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Everyone needs to be smart about this. The NRA education and competition programs are irreplaceable in the short term and perhaps all together. There is nothing like them in the world.

  18. They stand for the second amendment.
    However, they are a single issue organization so a left wing democrat who is pro abortion and against everything I support can get their endorsement if he’s a hunter or it’s a member.

    I joined for about a year, bud didn’t renew when they kept sending unsolicited junk and wanting donations, e.g., $25 to $50 donation for a DVD.

  19. “NY AG Files Lawsuit To Dissolve The NRA”

    Huh? 🤨

    That’s not the headline I’M seeing! The headline I see reads:


  20. The Sierra Club was all about the environment at one time, just like the NRA was all about the 2nd amendment.
    People corrupt everything.

  21. Wayne La Pierre should be replaced if he is misappropriating funds. The NY-AG can pound sand.

  22. I let my NRA membership run out. I have been a member of both Gun Owners of America and Gun Owners of California for years. They don’t waste money on glossy magazines, phone calls and weekly membership drives. They concentrate on fighting the anti-gunners in the courts.

  23. I finally told the NRA telephone fundraiser to not bother ever calling again as long as Wayne is affiliated with them.


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