NY: Andrew Cuomo welcomes illegals, not conservatives



New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) has all but announced his intentions to run for president in 2020, and is doing everything he can to move away from his earlier stance as an establishment Democrat and adopt more of the Bernie Sanders/#Resist positions.

On Friday, he wrote an opinion article in the New York Daily News stating he will defy the federal government’s attempts to clamp down on illegal immigration and will make New York a safe haven law breakers.

“That’s why in New York we are reaffirming our commitment to protecting immigrants’ rights,” Cuomo wrote. “And that’s why each new effort by the federal government to ban our immigrant sisters and brothers will be met by a redoubling of our commitment to support and protect them. Because, after all, we are them.”

Ironically, neither Andrew nor his father Mario are immigrants from Italy.

Cuomo then touted that he was spending tens-of-millions of taxpayer dollars on protecting unauthorized immigrants from deportation by giving them legal assistance — not to mention the billions more the government spends on other services, from education to healthcare, for undocumented residents.
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11 Comments on NY: Andrew Cuomo welcomes illegals, not conservatives

  1. Fill the country with voting illegals, put dems in power forevermore. That’s the plan, and always was. I keep praying there are enough people willing to fight for this country’s survival. American Revolution, Part II.

  2. Of course he welcomes illegals because they will vote for him. Cuomo is all about being a shill for himself under the guise of “compassion” (spending other people’s money on his power base). Conservatives are FOOLS if they stay in New York. Leaving will defund evil people like this.

  3. I think it’s hilarious that democrats now believe that the secret to success can be found in the campaign of bernie sanders. Uh don’t know how to tell you this but he lost, to hillary…who in turn got her clock cleaned by Donald “The President” Trump. Just as hillary was the democrat’s “mitt romney”, sanders is the democrat’s “Ron Paul”. Yeah that’s a winning philosophy if there ever was one.

  4. The Vatican could buy his visage and replace one of their defective gargoyles with it!

  5. This strategy does not make any sense. You could have 1 million conservatives move to New York and still win by a landslide. what’s the point of stockpiling more illegals in New York When you don’t need them for the vote. The better plan should be to Lure conservatives and their tax dollars from the Midwest while backfilling their spots with illegals.


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