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NY: Can police have sex with people they arrest? Yup.

 DC: A little-known loophole in New York law is wreaking havoc on an ongoing rape case in which two police officers claim to have had consensual sex with a woman they’d just arrested.

Former New York Police Department detectives Eddie Martins and Richard Hall picked up an 18-year-old woman on marijuana charges in September 2015. She was with two males her age, but Martins and Hall let them go before leading the woman into a police van. She called what happened inside the van rape, but the officers called it consensual.

New York lawmakers say it shouldn’t matter.

State law bans all sexual relationships between prison guards an inmates, however, there is no law specifically banning sexual relations between an officer and someone in his custody, according to The Associated Press. The loophole allows Martins and Hall to argue the encounter was consensual, despite their obvious position of power over the woman.  more here

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  1. Police are special and have been blessed with a justice shield by the courts that covers all matters 24/7. They would never do any wrong, internal investigations have proved it over and over.

  2. She wasn’t sweating the arrest, in the van she just decided “I’m horny” these guys are handy. It seemed perfectly natural.


  3. “She has posted Instagram videos of herself using drugs and rapping in her ‘Fi5ty Milli’ persona about the case while joking about the millions that will be ‘in her bank account,”

    3 – 6 months for detectives
    & loss of pensions . . .

    Award $0.50 cents compensation
    . . . to the crack whore . . .

  4. A great NYPD Detective Lieutenant, John Cronin, used to tell his class: Remember, a prostitute can be raped.
    Also, be mild with the frail and fearful, a tyrant with the liar, but never be unmindful of your own dignity.
    These two skells never heard of John Cronin.

  5. Excuse me, madam
    You’re standing still in a no parking zone
    You don’t get a move on that body
    I’ll be forced to give you a ticket
    So get with it
    (Midnight Star; No Parking on the Dance Floor)

    Kinda like that?

  6. This is the result when agreed upon morality under Judeo/Christian concepts is thrown away in favor of having the government approve or disapprove of every person’s thoughts and actions.

    “Character is what you do when no one is looking” requires personal accountability. Leftists require infantile dependence.

  7. Were they doing this on duty?
    Is this part of their duties?
    Seems they could be charged with dereliction of duties

  8. Guys, guys. We all know cops never exploit the law. They’re cops!
    Just like we all know women never spread their legs advantageously. They’re women!
    Drop the charges, fire the officers, close the loophole, go get some lunch.

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