NY Court Will Be Asked To Force Eric Schneiderman To Release Personal Emails

DC: A free market legal group will argue before the New York Supreme Court’s Appellate Division that the state must turn over emails from former Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s personal account, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.

Schneiderman used his personal email account to discuss official business with environmental activists and therefore should be made public, the Free Market Environmental Law Clinic (FMELC) will argue before the court on Thursday.

Schneiderman’s resignation dealt a blow to environmental activists’ efforts to punish ExxonMobil for allegedly trying to cover up global warming science, but E&E Legal still wants his emails to be released.

If the court rules in FMELC’s favor, it could force Schneiderman to let his former employer search his personal emails for correspondence with environmental activists regarding his investigation into Exxon. more here

4 Comments on NY Court Will Be Asked To Force Eric Schneiderman To Release Personal Emails

  1. The Left eating the Left.
    It’s like watching a wounded vulture attacked by all the rest of the pack.

  2. Speaking of cannibals…
    …I’ve always thought that if Hillary had won in 2016 and been crowned Empress, by now there would have been some quiet natural-causes Arkancides arranged for all those who had incurred her wrath.
    Trump certainly, but also Obama players, and very possibly Barry himself.

    “In the end, there can be only One.”


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