NY: de Blasio parks his car in bike lane


American Mirror: Laws are for the unwashed masses, not political elites like New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The mayor’s SUV parked in the bike lane and blocked it while he worked out at the Park Slope YMCA on Saturday, and TV writer Doug Gordon didn’t appreciate it.

“Mayor de Blasio,” Gordon tweeted Saturday morning, “please tell the driver who takes you to the Park Slope YMCA not to stop in the 9th St bike lane. Your convenience does not outweigh other people’s safety,” he wrote about the incident in Brooklyn.

De Blasio brags on his campaign website about the bike lanes he’s creating around the city:

Under Mayor de Blasio, the Department of Transportation has added more than 150 miles to the city’s on-street bicycling network, including 36 miles of protected bike lanes.

Funny he didn’t say anything about them doubling as convenient parking lots.  more here

8 Comments on NY: de Blasio parks his car in bike lane

  1. I dislike bikes, and the arrogant jerks that ride them…but I hope somebody keyed the shit out of his vehicle.

  2. A well read law professor from Tenn said 16 years ago about Lord + Master GWB, “laws are for little people!”! DeBlaso may not be as elite as the Bush Clan; but he thinks he is. And that is really what counts.


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