NY: Dems arrested for blocking ambulance during protest -VIDEO – IOTW Report

NY: Dems arrested for blocking ambulance during protest -VIDEO

GWP: On Thursday Democrat NYC Councilmen Jumanne Williams and Ydannis Rodriguez repeatedly blocked an ambulance holding a patient on the way to the hospital.

The Democrats were later cuffed and arrested.

The Democrats were protesting against President Trump and ICE over an illegal alien activist being held for deportation.

Williams breathlessly said, “Freedom. Resist. Freedom. Resist. We are going to resist,” while a cop held him face down on the hood of a gray car after his arrest.  more here

15 Comments on NY: Dems arrested for blocking ambulance during protest -VIDEO

  1. what if it was your mother in that ambulance “Councilmembers’?

    … vile, self-centered demon rat scum

  2. They were risking the lives of innocents, quit wasting time and shoot them. After a few times they will get the message.

  3. It’s getting harder to be civil when commenting about the evil from the left. There needs to be backlash against this type of activity.

    God, let the backlash be ignored by law enforcement.

  4. Anyone who intentionally impedes the operation of an emergency vehicle needs to be charged with a felony! If someone dies as a result of their then make it a 2nd degree murder charge.

  5. It being NYC and the fact that they are members of the City Council it will go down as a joke; a publicity stunt,
    with no harm intended. Wrist slap, community service etc.
    But if I was the judge, those two scumbags would do a year on Rikers Island, with a 10,000 dollar fine. Both.

  6. And in the interest of fair play, and being a fair Judge- not wanting to separate them from their families, I’d send the families to Rikers also. “That’s my rulin.” Judge Joy Bean.

  7. Obviously, the de Blasio regime is racist against Latinos. If that had been a BLM, Occupy Wall Street, pink pussy hat, BDS or nevertrump protest, they would have been protected by the police, not harassed by them. I guess the Dems’ umbrella just isn’t quite big enough.

    Meh. I doubt Univision’s Jorge Ramos will remember this once the campaigns start rolling in a couple of months. He is an appropriately subservient Tio Taco.

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