NY: Flanagan close to $15 minimum wage deal with Cuomo


NYP; Republican Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan is close to a “Faustian pact’’ with Democratic Gov. Cuomo to raise the state’s minimum wage to a national high of $15 an hour — boosting union power and possibly costing New York hundreds of thousands of jobs, The Post has learned.

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  1. Raising the minimum wage gives the unions a higher starting point or base line when it comes to setting their contract for wages. Many union contracts include provisions that will automatically reset to a higher wage if the minimum wage is raised.

    That’s why you’re scratching your head wondering why union workers, who usually make at least the low to mid $20s/hour championing a $15/hr minimum wage.

    It also makes it appear as though the REgressives are for the “little man” when in fact it costs jobs and makes it harder for many to get on that first ladder rung.

    It’s a fucking scam, pure and simple. It was also used back in the day to legally keep blacks out of the work force by coming in between those hiring and those willing to just get a damn job and show the employer their worth.

    REgressives are evil-thank the NEA for the rampant idiocy that will get 50 million+ votes for Hillary.

  2. That has got to be the biggest mouth on any human being that I’ve ever seen. It was brutal looking at him.

  3. Dumb shits. Tax revenue will decrease, unemployment and welfare expenses will increase. Jobs will move to other states, and those who the demo commies are sucking up to were already going to vote commie anyway.

  4. This is robbing from the poor and giving to the rich.
    The $15 an hour will raise the cost of living so surviving on that wage will still be difficult.
    One thing will change, though, at $15 they will be paying a higher percentage of their income towards state, local and federal taxes.

  5. Thanks, Loco. It was supposed to show an old logo from Coney Island with a guy who looked a lot like Prince Andy the Feeble , toothy shit eating grin and all.

  6. Would you trust that with your daughter?
    With your dog?
    With your toddler grandson?

    New York must be home of the dumbest motherfuckers on Earth. Well, maybe second dumbest after Zimbabwe …

  7. Nobodys’ smile should be wider than their eye span. His pic must be in every Hollywood studio make-up department.

  8. I see Andy Boy is maintaing his longstanding policy of never doing anything that will actually benefit the state.

    While he’s working day and night to give undereducated, unskilled stiffs a 67% raise, he exhibits absolutely no urgency whatsoever to settle the contract of several court unions, including mine. We’ve been without a contract for nearly five years. Employees who started in the system earlier than 2004 have had the same salary since April 1, 2011. During this same time, the minimum wage has been raised three times for a total of 21% by Douchey-Douche. After the hourly minimum goes to $15.00, burger-flippers will have seen their wages more than double since 2009.

    Is there a jury in the world that would convict me if I were to tie this asshole to the Metro-North Harlem Line train tracks?


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