NY: Gangs running wild on Long Island


ABC7: BRETNWOOD, Long Island (WABC) —

For the fifth time since September, police have discovered the remains of a teenager in Brentwood, a community plagued by gang violence.

The body of Jose Pena-Hernandez, 18, of Brentwood, was found Monday in a wooded area at Pilgrim Psychiatric Center.

An autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death, but police said the case was being investigated as a homicide.

Hernandez, who police say was a known gang member, was reported missing in June. Suffolk County police believe he was beaten to death.

“We didn’t find those remains by accident,” said Suffolk County Police Commissioner Timothy Sini. “We are putting an enormous amount of pressure on the criminal element in the Brentwood area.”

The heat, police say, has led to the arrests of 25 known gang members on a wide range of charges since Sept. 13th. But five of them face federal charges, which carry much longer sentences.


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  1. As long as they keep the mayhem and murder to themselves I don’t object very strenuously, but I do object because sometimes someone innocent gets whacked and that’s very bad.

    Is any entrepreneurial artiste doing anything with those tattooed hides? Courier bags, dining room chair upholstery, anything like that?

  2. FYI. Each year the NYPD holds a seminar for potential retirees at the famous Antun’s Restaurant in Queens, NY. Usually you will have
    anywhere from 75 to 120 officers show up who are considering retirement. This year, over 800 signed up. Wonder why?

  3. The next to the last line “arrested” me. Avoid wearing clothes that would offend violent gang members. It’s the gang members who should be afraid, not law-abiding citizens.

  4. Interesting comment, Moe Tom. I wish them all a happy retirement. Why shouldn’t NYC have to live with the natural consequences of their idiotic ideology?

  5. I just read the full story, and want to clarify my previous comment. These sick gang a-holes are a cancer that needs to be taken out. FFS, they’re murdering kids from one high school. Nightmare on Elm Street. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody.

    NYC voters are plagued with the dangerous mental disorder of ‘liberalism’. If the kinds of atrocities we see in Brentwood doesn’t get them thinking, I don’t know what will.

  6. BRA It ain’t the cops fault. Believe me. Back in the sixties even during the Columbia riots I walked the streets of Harlem in a blue shirt and tie and was treated with respect, as I treated those I met with respect. Yes there were bad people. But we handled it.
    Today, cops are dressed like Navy Seals, with fucking rifles. That, my friend is the result of liberalism. The Revolutionary Communists have won the battle. The community organizers have the upper hand, not because of the police, who I assure you are not perfect, but because of politicians and large corporations who made deals with the likes of Al Sharpton, Jackson, and many others, who feathered their own nests and ignored the working people of Harlem. I could go on, but I need a drink.

  7. Moe Tom – yessiree. Unless were a complete a***le you just did not go looking for trouble by messing with other people. Of course that also depended on when you were out. A***les usually come out after dark.

    I left LI for good in 1968 and Brentwood was a mess back then. I lived close by in Smithtown (we played HS football against Brentwood) and my uncle lived next door in Central Islip.

  8. Sure is sweet that we didn’t separate these lovable little brown boys from their families and let them all stay in Obama’s USA!

  9. sig94. I was speaking about the day shift, especially Sunday, with fathers and sons in suits and ties; mothers and daughters in beautiful hats and gowns, on their way to church. After dark it’s a different world. But it’s not the fault of the police

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