NY Gov. Cuomo slams NYC Mayor de Blasio over riots: “the mayor underestimates the scope of the problem”

Legal Insurrection:

Trump: “NYC, CALL UP THE NATIONAL GUARD. The lowlifes and losers are ripping you apart. Act fast!”

New York City is always a hotbed for violent political “protests” and mass chaos from radical leftists, and Monday night was no exception.

The city, like many big Democrat-controlled cities across America, was the site of another round of marches yesterday over the death of George Floyd. Floyd died May 25th after (former) Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin kept a knee pressed firmly onto his neck for nearly nine minutes after responding to a report alleging use of a counterfeit $20 bill for a purchase from Cup Foods, according to the criminal complaint (pdf) filed Friday.

When asked during his Tuesday presser about the apocalyptic scenes that played out across his Monday night going into Tuesday morning, Gov. Cuomo put the blame squarely on everybody but himself. “The NYPD and the Mayor did not do their job last night,” he stated. “It was a disgrace.”

Cuomo went on to state that the NYC police force is plenty large enough to handle the protests and riots, and that he had offered de Blasio National Guard resources, but that the mayor turned him down. Cuomo also speculated on the possibility of displacing de Blasio with National Guard leadership, citing alleged state of emergency powers, but stopped short of calling for it:

“I believe the mayor underestimates the scope of the problem. I believe he underestimates the duration of the problem, and I don’t think they’ve used enough police to address the situation,” Cuomo said.

“You have 38,000 police officers. Deploy them. Give them support. On the video tape, to me, you see a lot of looting, and not enough police presence,” he added.

Cuomo, a Democrat, said that he had offered to send the National Guard to New York City and that de Blasio, who is also a Democrat, had not accepted the offer. In comments that at times appeared to be thinly veiled threats, Cuomo repeatedly noted that a way to override de Blasio on the matter would be to “displace the mayor.”

“Can you displace a mayor? Yes. A mayor can be removed. It has not happened. I can’t find a precedent. But theoretically it is legally possible,” Cuomo said at one point. “It is a bizarre thing to try to do in this situation. I think it would make a bad situation worse. Also, I don’t think it’s necessary, because I believe the NYPD can do this, because the NYPD has done this.” more

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  1. Can we sic Antifa on these annoying internet trolls. Nah, probably because they are Antifa. And why is every acronym for any leftist group always synonomous with an oxymoron? Antifa = anti fascist, they are fascists, there is nothing anti about them.

  2. Like I said on an earlier thread, Blowmo is starting to get heat from the 5th Ave. Crowd. If not for Albany, and NYC, he’d be joining his little brother sucking liberals off on CNN, and he’s losing support.

  3. Officer Chauvin was just trying to ‘keep us safe’. Just like the governors and their lockdowns.
    If it saves one life, then a boot on the neck of Floyd was worth it. (know what i’m talking about governor Cuomo?)

    If Chauvin is convicted of murder, then every governor who put his boot on the neck of it’s citizens and locked down a state and killed people (fact) must also be convicted of murder.

    If leftard commie queer blm means that mobs get their way, then our side must do the same and expect our demands get met.

  4. Useless de Blasio aside, the country has eyes wide open and clearly gaze what an INSUFFERABLE ASSHOLE Andrew Homo is. He is a blustering waste of shit flesh. He has NO CISGENDER FUCKING CLUE how to lead. I’ve always maintained that the Earth stopping on its axis because of the virus is like a giant reset. I hope it’s also a giant reset politically and these leftist fucks in high places get erased off the planet once and for all and sent to burn and be tortured in Hell forever!

  5. Let them eat each other, they are both rampant narcissistic children. Only children blame others for their actions, it’s an infantile defense mechanism that good parents educate out of them.

    Neither of these commie bastards had good parents. In fact I can argue that the difference between the mob and patriots comes down to good parenting.

    That is why the Demonrats either hate, pervert, or destroy the pillar of society that is the two parent Christian heterosexual family unit.

    Also, this plan E is nothing more than isolating PDJT from the black vote. He was making incredible gains among blacks so the cabal needed to squash that.

    As with all cabal plans A-Z this too will backfire as blacks are starting to acknowledge the years of Antifa infiltration that is currently hijacking their grievances yet again.

    Do you think the black property owners are voting for the party that is posting bail for the arsonists? The cabal is only effective in areas they control and are burning their own power to the ground.

    The desperate actions of the cabal will be their own undoing as it prods previous blue idiots to take the red pill.

  6. Let us take a page out of the Democrat Party’s History Book.
    April 1968.

    UBER-DEMOCRAT Chicago Mayor Daley.
    “I have conferred with the superintendent of police this morning and I gave him instructions that an order be issued by him immediately and under his signature to shoot to kill any arsonist or anyone with a Molotov cocktail in his hand.” He went on to also say … shoot to wound looters.

  7. The gov thinks the mayor under estimates the problem, he’s not the best judge considering how he over estimated the covid-19 problem.
    I estimate they’re both blithering morons.

  8. NYC can’t breathe…rioters on its neck, death soon…so, real estate has dropped 40 % in price for owners…they will find this out as soon as the riots stop in a few years. Renters will be able to demand monthly rent decreases at least and businesses will see similar results….hotels and restaurants will not recover for a year, if ever. Escape from New York the movie has proved to be prophetic and the tipping point will be passed in a few days where the city will become a garbage dump for low life. Think for a minute…is it possible that some families are hovering in a dark room hoping they will not be found? Is it possible that at least one family has discovered that the police will not or cannot come ? Is there any possibility that taxes will increase to pay for the damage allowed by the Democrats who allowed the damage to happen. Will police be further hamstrung and denigrated ? Will stores already harmed bu Wuhan flu recover from the riots ? Will Amazon benefit from all of this economic carnage ? Will New Yorkers vote in more Democrats? Islam killed 3000 people in New York, Leftists killed New York…many will move to safer areas and vote to destroy their new residence with the same sub human Democrat policies..and, will security by police be made impossible when they are defunded and in prison ? The gun owner individual is all that is then left and they will be the next target when they find out that killing an intruder raping your child will result in your imprisonment for excessive force, racism and information on your computer that you liked the imprisoned Trump//..

  9. I’ll bet a couple of Andrew’s heavy hitter contributors lost windows Monday night for him to call for deBozo to dominate the streets.


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