NY Judge Rules Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Unconstitutional Construct

CTH: The CFPB was constructed by Elizabeth Warren and her progressive ideologues as an extra-constitutional government agency.  This was entirely by design.

The CFPB had two two primary, albeit unspoken, functions.  First, it was structured as a holding center for fines and assessments against any financial organizations opposed by progressives.  Second, it was a distribution hub for the received funds to be transferred to political allies and groups supportive of progressive causes.

To pull off this scheme Elizabeth Warren et al ensured it was structured to allow no congressional oversight; however, it was also structured to have no executive branch oversight – and the funding mechanism for the CFPB budget was directly through the federal reserve.  The lack of any legislative or executive branch oversight made the entire scheme unconstitutional according to an earlier court decision.

The CFPB defenders then appealed the decision to a select appellate court in Washington DC to continue the construct.  The Warren crew won the appeal; but today, in an unrelated jurisdictional ruling a New York judge affirmed the minority opinion setting up a possible supreme court pathway to get a final decision.  MORE

7 Comments on NY Judge Rules Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Unconstitutional Construct

  1. another EU-type scheme, set up to be beholding only to their ‘masters’ … which ain’t us

    un-Constitutional …. but you never know w/ our ‘progressive’ courts

  2. Maybe this will force Senator Elizabeth Warren to run for President. Surely, she will want to defend her legacy achievement. Her Injun blood must be boiling now. I’ll bet she is putting on her war paint and getting ready to get started to get going to go on the warpath. What? The Great White Polling Father says Fauxahontas would get her scalp handed to her! Better retreat and pretend she never wanted to be big chief.


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