NY Mets Carlos Gomez is a White Supremacist

Watch this disgusting flash of white supremacy (@ 6:40). He should be bounced out of the league!!!

(Gomez knows he hit a 3 run dinger, thus the 3 point sign that basketball players make when they hit a 3 pointer.)


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  1. Sadly, the Nats are dead to me. I was a faithful follower for 15 years watching nearly every game televised and attending several games each year.. They strand more runners than they score. I just couldn’t take it any more.
    Those white supremacists must be stopped!
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. The Seattle Mariners just plain stink this year, we’re only a third of the way into the season and I’ve totally given up on them. They started at 13-2 and since then have gone 10-28, they’re in a total freefall and I give up. They’ve gone from being the Mariners back to their losing days of being the Manures again.

  3. Geoff, let me correct that for you:

    The Seattle Mariners just plain stink every year.

    Last weekend I drove down to see a friend I had not seen since 1976. He and his wife now live near Somalia, Minnesota. The Twins were in town, so as I gave them a tour of the city we listened to the game. The M’s lost 18-4.

    (And what is it with the current play by play guys? They sounded totally bored.)

    BTW, MLB has that video blocked, at least for where I am.


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