NY Mets Fully Ensconced in the SJW, #MeToo, Overreaching PC Movement

A scoreboard operator and a colleague (both men) were in a secure room when one of the guys used the word pussy during a little comedy riff he was doing for his friend’s benefit.

A woman, who I would describe to be a synonym for pussy, recorded the men through the wall and marched into Human Resources and demanded action.

The Mets, ridiculously, fired both guys, one of which was only laughing at the other guy’s jokes. This is a “crime” now, reacting to things you hear? 

He was with the Mets for 22 years. He is going to try and sue the Mets for wrongful termination. I hope he prevails. I hope the woman is sued for invasion of privacy and illegal eavesdropping, or something. (Lawyers, help me out here.)

(I wish he sued them a month ago, and won Matt Harvey in the suit.)

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  1. Good for him and I hope he wins bigly.

    Wish I could hear his friend’s riff on the crazy woman in question, I bet it’s pretty funny.

  2. What a bitch! A nosey bitch, to boot. No one was talking to her, and they were in another room. What if he was on speaker phone? Do they fire the guy on the phone with him? Do they ban phones from Met property? Wasn’t she invading their privacy?

  3. In Pittsburgh the term ‘Pussy” is aimed at several teams and at several players….reapeatedly…..GO PIRATES!!!!!!

  4. Now you have to go to work with ear plugs in case you’re in a room with someone that says something some crunt doesn’t like.

  5. I hope the two guys sue for a massive amount and cause the Mets to become a laughing-stock in baseball. Oh, wait…..too late..

  6. @Larry The Liberal

    How does any spoken word equal misogyny, let alone rape?

    Does “pussy” hurt your feelings, Larry?

  7. And then all the guys got in the elevator and asked to stop at “Ladies’ Lingerie”…

  8. @ covair..I.grew up in Colorado, now live in Kansas. I’m a pirates fan because of the late 60’s early 70’s Pirate teams…..Jagoff pussy works for me….GO PIRATES!!!!! Manny Sanguillan used a 42 ounce bat….awesome…

  9. I don’t know about New York, but in several states recording someone secretly and without their consent is a misdemeanor and the recording cannot be used in a court of law except to prove the crime. You can use a recording that is not secret, like a voicemail message (a boon to divorce lawyers), but you cannot secretly record a two way conversation without the consent of the other party and use it as evidence.

    The terminations were probably based on findings of sexual harassment. This is a pretty weak claim for sexual harassment – particularly if the guys could not be heard except for the recording device or if the woman wasn’t stationed near these fellows. I suspect that there are other facts which have a bearing on this issue. It does not appear that the guy performing the routine is contesting his termination, so there may be more here than what was reported.

    The female won’t be terminated or disciplined for reporting the incident because sexual harassment laws have anti-retalitory provisions. Even if she committed a crime by recording the conversation, the Mets still won’t risk a retaliation lawsuit.

  10. Here’s how unfair it is for guys.

    I used to have a job where I worked with two different groups of people.

    When I worked in the lab, the woman in there told the raunchiest, funniest jokes I ever heard. I would leave the room crying from laughing so hard. She was hilarious. Funnier than a paid comedienne.

    When I worked on the production floor, I didn’t talk because it was too easy to say the wrong thing to one of the women and be accused of … something.

    Not fair to us guys. You just keep your mouth shut. No humor at work. None.


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