NY: Occasional-Cortex’s challenger loves ObamaCare and taxes, but hates tyrannical judges

Oh!  And he’s a ‘Republican’.

DC: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Republican opponent in November is realistic about his chances but hopes to take his opportunity to talk about judicial accountability.

Anthony Pappas is a longtime economics professor at St. John’s in New York, and he’s running as a Republican in New York’s 14th Congressional District against Ocasio-Cortez in November.

He said Democrats outnumber Republicans approximately six to one, and he receives little Republican Party support or fundraising. Furthermore, he’s not a traditional Republican.

He said he would have voted against President Donald Trump’s tax cuts, favoring a progressive rate, and he would not have voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, saying something must be done to give health care to all.

He calls himself a Teddy Roosevelt Republican, but he wants to talk about a topic rarely brought up on the campaign trail: judicial accountability.

Who is Anthony Pappas?

Pappas first gained some notoriety when he was able to generate some media attention to his protracted — and he said financially abusive — divorce.

An appearance on a local television show called FIT TV caught the ire of his divorce judge, Anthony Falanga of the Matrimonial Division of the Nassau County, New York Supreme Court.

Falanga threatened to hold Pappas in contempt of court if he spoke about how he felt he was being treated in court: “I am admonishing you right now, you are not to communicate with anybody inside the court system, outside the court system, about how you feel you were being treated or anything like that. If you feel I am violating your right to free speech, you have the absolute right to feel that way and do whatever you feel is appropriate. If I decide to hold you in contempt, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Do you understand?”

Falanga is now a partner at the law firm Jaspan & Schlesinger and did not respond to an email for comment.

Pappas said Falanga and others issued all sorts of bizarre and inexplicable rulings, opening his eyes that judges are at times tyrannical, arrogant and let power go to their heads, and that when they are, there is little recourse for citizens.

Pappas said whether in appeals court, oversight boards, and law enforcement, no one was willing to hold the judges accountable for this behavior.  more here

SNIP: His gripe with the nutball judges aside,  I think a comment from the DC sums it up. It’s Commie vs. Republicommie.
He will need those types of judges to keep New York’s Prog agenda alive.

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  1. Always amazed at how many different kinds of Republicans (Roosevelt, Reagan, Etc) there are but only one kind of Democrat. There was a day they could mention “moderate Democrat” but that was one that was squeamish on the whole abortion in the 9th month thing….they are a lock stepping gang fo sho’

  2. How can someone be held in contempt of court if they are not (a.) actually in court at the time, or (b.) disobeying an order that was issued by the court at the time they were in it? Following this example, if Pappas said that (in his opinion) Falanga was ugly, then Falanga could hold him in contempt of court. That’s a slippery slope, IMHO.

    If this is allowed to stand, it would also mean that I am apparently in contempt of Congress.



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