NY Post “Goes There” – Runs Naked Pictures of Melania

I’m not linking them for this. Normally their headlines are clever, but “The Ogle Office” is simply stupid.

They are the ones ogling. You would call the oval office the ogle office if the person occupying it was the pervert, like Bill Clinton.

Why don’t they run the Penthouse pictures of Gennifer Flowers, you know, the lady who the potential “first gentleman” was banging while he was married? He also did coke lines off her coffee table.

Trump shrugged the publication off. He said she was a highly successful European model before he met her.

They interviewed the photographer and he said she was very professional and a pleasure to work with – no attitude whatsoever.

As a journalist I trust the NY Post when they say that she was naked in the pictures, but I had to verify.

She’s very naked… and spectacular.

I think I’m going to run some naked pictures of Hillary a little later on.



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  1. “I think I’m going to run some naked pictures of Hillary a little later on.”

    “You do and you’re fired !! ”
    – Donald J. Trump

  2. A naked picture of Hillary would take up the front
    page AND the back page.

    The good thing about this is that they have lowered the bar so much that now it should be anything goes concerning the Great White Whale that is Hillary Clinton, (and don’t call me Ishmael).
    “Thar she blows!” was never uttered by Bill as far as she’s concerned.

  3. I have to mention that while I was living in Europe, half naked ads were very common. One day my mom and I went out to do some shopping and I picked up some crochet magazines. They had free patterns in it, so I started browsing them and noticed an ad for laundry soap and some woman’s ass was front and center. Weird… But not as weird as the ad 5 pages later where a woman was standing topless with her hands at her side just smiling ear to ear. I couldn’t figure out what the hell SHE was selling! lolol.

  4. People have been painting pictures of nude women for forever. They look good naked. And this one is very worthy.
    She has something else Hillary doesn’t have — class.

  5. I have naked threesome pictures of Hillary, Moose, and Lena Dunham. If I don’t receive $1,000,000 by 6:00pm PDT I’m posting them in the bullpen.

  6. I think the New York Post should have left that to The National Enquirer. And on a Sunday. I picked it up after Mass. Mrs. Moe was not impressed but I was. I stopped peeking at Playboy way back in the eighty’s and I didn’t expect to see my future Prima Donna naked in the daily paper. Sure beats looking at Killary in a bikini or Lena Durham (sp) on a commode, naked, eating cake while taking a shit. Please BFH, spare us nude photos of Killary

  7. “I think I’m going to run some naked pictures of Hillary a little later on.”

    Please Fur don’t, My computer is old and I don’t think it will be able to process such a sight, I know I won’t be able to.

  8. Joe 6 Pack….It’s going to take us awhile to get the $$$ together…Please don’t show anything rash…(I mean don’t do anything rash)Will you take a 3 party out of State Check?

  9. Naked pictures of Hillary are the secret weapon the U.S. Military is saving to use on the Muslims instead of nuclear weapons. Maximum casualties with minimum property damage.


  10. Like I said, the women who run the Presidency and the Dem Presidential campaign are nowhere near done with Melania. They are threatening by her, and they simultaneously believe she is Trump’s Achilles heel. And never forget that the woman who smeared all of Bill’s girlfriends is an expert at her craft

    Keep a cool head, Donald. Hold that tweet. Hillary needs you to get angry.

  11. I tore off the white cover of the Beatles’ White Album and saw a pic of Hillary and Yoko making out.

  12. Fur doesn’t have naked pics of Hillary. He’s just going to photoshop Hillary’s head on his vast collection of naked Newt Gingrich photos.

    It’ll look real though.

  13. I just watched Killary’s interview with Mike Wallace on FOX.
    She lied again. She lied and just puffed it off. The woman is unfuckingbelievable. But Wallace didn’t tell her, as he should have, Ma’am you’re a flake.

  14. And this is a bad thing?
    This will give Donald a couple of points bump.

    Hey, FDR. You never had to worry about those nudies of Eleanor surfacing, did you?

  15. Nudies of Eleanor?
    In 1904, George Eastman said Babs was definitely NOT a Kodak girl. We got married a year later. That’s when I realized how right George was! 👿

  16. This is hilarious. All these lefties and fellow travelers pushing a sewer of a culture, perverts-in-your-kid’s-face, now in the bathroom. + Folsom Street celebrations. + a shit ton of ANY kind of licentiousness (they expect a thank you for the likes of Lena Dunham), and they think photos of a hetero former model are going to give the entire voting R public the vapors.

    Uh huh.

    P.S. Glad I got here late enough to have the threat of HRC-ness taken care of. Whew.

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