NY: Son Of Limo Owner Arrested Following Deadly Crash

Police have arrested the son of the man who owns Prestige Limousine, the company that owned the limo involved in a horrific crash that left 20 people dead in upstate New York. Nauman Hussain was running the day-to-day operations of the company while his father, Shahed Hussain, was in Pakistan. According to CNY, the younger Hussain will be charged with criminally negligent homicide.  – WAXE

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  1. Never trust a Muslim. Never hire a Muslim. Never get a Muslim for your friend.
    Lazy, incompetent, deceptive.

    Islamophobic?? Naaaah — Not afraid of them, I just hate their guts. They are the downfall of every nation where they are the majority.

    Off topic — I bet that this child sex trafficking racket in Wayne County, MI (Dearborn, Detroit) was run by Muslims… none of the news articles give any info about the perpetrators.

  2. I still don’t believe that 18 people died in that limo as a result of a violent collision. Look at the limo, I have only seen one side, but not only are there no dents but the windows are intact. Sum Ting Wong.

  3. Joe: No seatbelts will do that. The vehicle appears to have hit the far side of an embankment and came to an immediate halt. If the passengers aren’t belted in they will be thrown hard into the seat in front of them. The organs tear loose and tear apart and you bleed out internally with not a lot of visible external damage.

  4. Cynic, I s’pose that’s possible, but 18 out of 18? I’m not so ghoulish that I’m going to search for autopsy reports on this but if I see them reported I’ll be curious. I’m just suspicious of multiple deaths when muslims are involved.

  5. @joesixpack I have a lot of questions too. things don’t seem to add up in the “accident” heard on the radio the fire chief who arrived at the scene say the several of the people in the limo were alive when FD arrived.
    the fact that the owner of the company was an FBI informant, and in Pakistan at the time, is a huge red flag. A lot about this accident doesn’t make sense.

  6. The boss who sends people out, to be killed, because they’re not absolutely, positively, guaranteed to be killed, when the boss first sends them out, can be charged with a crime!? That seems, a tad, un-Democratic.


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