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NY: The Borough-Based Jails Are Too Small to Keep NYC Safe

Manhattan Institute: In 2019, then-mayor Bill de Blasio introduced, and the New York City Council approved, plans to close the jail complex on Rikers Island and replace it with four jails in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens. Construction on these borough-based jails is expected to be completed in 2027, at which time the city is expected to shutter Rikers entirely. In so doing, it will replace a system with a maximum capacity of nearly 15,000 beds with one that can hold just 3,300 detainees on a given day.

That capacity is, by any measure, extremely small, representing a daily population almost never seen on Rikers since its opening a century ago. Even after more than half a decade of deliberate decarceration, the jail’s daily population today sits between 5,500 and 6,000, far greater than the borough-based jails’ allotment. Can New York City operate a jail system with just 3,300 beds without either: a) dangerous, likely illegal, overcrowding? or b) making the city less safe? This report argues that the answer is no.

10 Comments on NY: The Borough-Based Jails Are Too Small to Keep NYC Safe

  1. When the new system gets good and crowded (almost immediately in other words), lets gather the pols and bureaucrats who came up with the jail replacement plans put them in there with the general jail population.

    I’m sure hilarity will ensue.

  2. 3,300 beds?? What’s the problem? Let them sleep 2 per bed….Most of them are already doing it anyway.

    And, they’re DAMN lucky to even have a bed.

  3. They send the inmates upstate. Then the family/girlfriend moves upstate to be there ‘for their man”, and because there’s no residency requirement they can immediately apply for welfare benefits.

  4. Law Enforcement can’t protect you. Even if that was their desire. Which it’s not. Law Enforcement is notified of crime either when it’s in progress, or after it’s been committed.
    You are your own first responder. Buy a gun, get good with it. Carry it always.
    It’s just a matter of time.

  5. Well, the office of rat elimination will have plenty to do.

  6. Coroner is the 2nd responder in Canuckistan.
    The first responder makes the call to the 2nd since we essentially we have no real right to self defense.

  7. John Carpenter already explained how to solve this problem in 1981. New Yorkers want this.

  8. New Yorkers voted for this, now let them live with it. A year after 10,000 criminals are released, and take over where they left off, New York voters will still habitually vote democrat. They’re dumber than Portland voters.


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