NY Times’ Krugman: Don’t Bother Trying to Help (Uneducated, Racist) Rural White America


New York Times columnist Paul Krugman has given up on helping rural whites, judging from his Tuesday column, “Getting Real About Rural America.” The text box: “Nobody knows how to reverse the heartland’s decline.” It’s so bad in the heartland that not even social welfare programs can help, so why bother?

Then he again slid in the knife against Trump-following rural nativists.

And politically, rural America is increasingly a world apart. For example, overall U.S. public opinion is increasingly positive toward immigrants. But rural Americans — many of whom rarely encounter immigrants in their daily lives — have a vastly more negative view.

Not surprisingly, rural America is also pretty much the only place where Donald Trump remains popular; despite the damage his trade wars have done to the farm economy, his net approval is vastly higher in rural areas than it is in the rest of the country.

To strengthen his attack on rural Americans, Krugman hints that social welfare programs often do no good, an interesting perspective from a liberal economist.

But as I said, experience abroad isn’t encouraging. West Germany invested $1.7 trillion in an attempt to revive the former East Germany — more than $100,000 per capita — yet the region is still lagging, with many young people leaving.

Nor, realistically, can we expect aid to produce a political turnaround. Despite all that aid, in 2017 more than a quarter of East German men cast their ballots for the extreme-right, white nationalist Alternative for Germany.

Krugman, advocate of cutting welfare? Who knew?

I’m sure that some rural readers will be angered by everything I’ve just said, seeing it as typical big-city condescension. But that’s neither my intention nor the point. I’m simply trying to get real…..



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  1. “But rural Americans — many of whom rarely encounter immigrants in their daily lives — have a vastly more negative view.”

    Says a guy who’s only interaction with immigrants are his servants and the people he passes on the streets of NYC on the upper west side. Another insulated bubble boy! Fuck him!

  2. I don’t know what planet he lives on, but in my “rural” community we are overrun with rat people and the English language is becoming history.

  3. Ohhhh god that was so AWESOME, Paul. If my wife didn’t already have a boyfriend, I’d get you two together.

  4. The big goof thinks all the immigrants live in LA and NYC. Has probably never crossed the Appalachians by road nor the Mississippi by bridge. That’s sad. But then I remember that Katie Couric thought the Dutch ice skated to work on frozen canals, and I am once again laughing.

  5. some years ago my sister was going to party in the state of Washington, we were speaking about the liberals who had no ideas of rural American farm lands. I told her, they will probably tell you they do not need farms because they get their food from the supermarket. She said, no one is that stupid. The next day she called me and told me they are that stupid.

  6. Hey shit for brains, I live in rural Arizona and encounter illegal aliens every day.
    Without rural America, your ass doesn’t eat.
    Neither do your city slicker friends
    So piss off you arrogant prick

  7. I like it…as the left realizes that their dream of a socialist

    America slips away…They lash out..at what scares Them the most.

    Congratulations everybody…..We’re the lefts new


  8. Heh heh heh … how does one “condescend” from a sewer?

    Krugman’s a smug flatterer of the national socialist nomenklatura and believes that his fawning will keep him out of the oven.
    Sorry, Mr. Krugman, rural America works for its living. Urban America shits on the dining room table and bawls for greater hand-outs (from rural America).

    Best hope you don’t live long enough to see your imaginings come to nothing – sooner or later reality raises its ugly head – and those great masses of ignorant, unemployable, false-economy parasites infesting America’s urban centers will discover their true worth.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. I’m in Florida and there are so many illegals here we call one section of town Little Mexico. Every store we go in there are illegals loudly yabbering in Spanish & they are truly pushy people. Always dressed in expensive clothes, albeit way too tight (it’s a Mexican thing) and getting all their groceries for free.

  10. I see he’s masturbating in drooling ecstasy again as he conjures up his lexicon of bullshit to desperately try and write something to what he sees as “influential.” He’s the New York Times’s residential eunuch with breasts.

  11. Contributions of rural America?

    Let us count the ways: abundant food of all kinds, autos, aircraft, tractors, millions of men to fight for freedom, water transportation, entertainment icons like Disney, Gable, Cooper, presidents like Reagan, Lincoln, Eisenhower….lots more great things came out of rural America.

    The lost cause here is Krugman. His trash talk is what comes out of liberal NY minds, if we can call them minds.

  12. That NY Jew, Krugman, is afraid of the former East Germans resurrecting Nazism. The horror. A quarter of former East German men, who have probably had it up to here with the Muslim invasion, voted for a right winger.

    Krugman’s afraid. Whatta wimp.

  13. “But rural Americans — many of whom rarely encounter immigrants in their daily lives — have a vastly more negative view.” About a month ago here one carload of illegals ran into another carload of illegals, killed them all. As my friend said “there are so many of them here now , they are running into each other”. Made me laugh.

  14. I’ve been sick of that guy for a long time. He almost qualifies as one of those “visceral guys” that I’d like to deck.

  15. Krugman is a pompous asshole. I bet his mommy and daddy bribed his way through college. What a waste of bribery, because he came out of college dumber than when he went in.

  16. Rural Americans keep from shooting each other with gunz by a 1200% margin.

    Rural Americans don’t crap on cop cars.

    Or throw naked tantrums in public.

    Rural Americans don’t have to steam clean their streets every night to remove human dookie.

    Or pay junkies to not leave their needles everywhere.

    Basically rural Americans don’t feel the need to be lectured by soft handed semi literates who’s only contribution to society is to scold their fellow citizens for not sharing the same political beliefs.

  17. He needs a crystal ball, a Deck of tarot cards, and a stupid looking hat to complete his fortune teller ensemble.

  18. Paul is confusing inner coastal city populations with rural citizens. I live in a rural area and everything he said is bullshit. But then, is there a liberal who doesn’t spew bullshit? BTW if I want to encounter immigrants, all I have to do is walk across the street.

  19. So many erudite geniuses, too few woodchippers.

    What time is your appointment with your therapist, little man?
    We don’t have them (or require them) in rural America. We work productively.

    The old me that lived east would love to rip him into little shreds, but living in rural America now, I’ve refound my Faith that believes it’s God’s job to deal with a hateful, lost, little shit like him.

  20. Never thought I’d agree with Paul Krugman. But it is the current year. So, there ya go.

    You can’t change people. You can’t fix people. They are what they are. (All restatements of the same thing.)

    The “American Heartland” fetishizes “their” Constitution — the direct cause of their current political situation. The “American Heartland” worships a utopia, that never was — but if it had been, would be the direct cause of their current domestic situation. The “American Heartland” prays to those that, proudly, publicly, hate them — who are, themselves, proud, public, about the looting, the pillaging, they have done to those they hate.

    If some “she” seeks out some “he”, that will beat her, because he beats her. If “she” stays with “him”, because he beats her children. If “she” seeks to destroy those that refuse, even claim to refuse, to put themselves, their children, in such a situation. Do you keep fixing, what “she” supports destroying. Or do you just wait for them, all of them, to perish? By their own hands, or by another’s.

    If the “Heartlands” (American, European, wherever) figure out that their enemies (those that call them “enemy” — what they, themselves, want, feel, hope, doesn’t matter) want them destroyed. If the “Heartlands” decide that their enemies are an existential threat. If the “Heartlands” decide that they will survive. By renouncing what brought them to where they are. And choosing to do something else. They might survive. They will have allies. Many of whom they would, now, in their suicidal state, reject. Until then… Paul Krugman is too kind.

  21. Krugman, I’m a rural American conservative and hold several degrees, including a doctorate. I’d match my “redneck” intellect with yours anytime. The way I see it, if us rural Americans go on strike and quit producing, all you smug, arrogant and pompous elitists would first fall into anarchy and then starve to death. Most of you have a significantly inflated view of your own worth to society, have unusually huge egos and seem to think you know how everyone else should lead their lives. It is obvious that you, and others like you, have no grasp of reality or how the real world functions. It appears, from the way things are progressing, that your day is coming sooner than you might expect.

  22. He’s offering the kind of “help” the nice lady stuck under the kitchen sink gets in the porno.

    No thanks!

  23. Krugman is delusional, a fool, or a propagandist. The areas of this country with the MOST uneducated, racist, unemployed, druggie, homeless, and criminal elements are in major CITIES.

    He thinks everyone in rural areas are unemployed farm hands and coal workers? Try: doctors, dentists, plumbers, shopkeepers, retail store and small business owners and employees, restaurant and tourist industries, military, craftsmen, construction workers, government workers, park rangers, real estate developers, teachers, insurance agents, bankers, accountants… not to mention plenty of manufacturing and processing plants that aren’t suitable for being plunked down in high-expense, high-population urban areas.

  24. @Da Dog March 21, 2019 at 12:22 pm

    > seem to think you know how everyone else should lead their lives

    And that’s the sign on the “shower” room door. “Conservatives'” unwillingness to accept the, ancient, fact, that just because you’re willing to “live and let live”, does not, in any way, mean that you will be allowed to live. If you are unwilling to step out of line (literally and figuratively) as you are shown the way to “the showers” — who will miss you?

  25. “many of whom rarely encounter immigrants in their daily lives”

    Ha! He hasn’t been in the heartland for quite some time, has he? So ignorant and yet so condescending. How very liberal.

  26. I did not read the 41 comments, and if someone else already stated it I apologize but Puck Faul Krugman!
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell


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