NY Times Publishes Parody Tweet as Official NoKo Response

The New York Times had some egg on its face after it accidentally attributed a parody tweet to the actual North Korean regime.


If the NYT had bothered to look, they would have seen this in DPRK’s timeline:


8 Comments on NY Times Publishes Parody Tweet as Official NoKo Response

  1. “Reporting” in the MSM consists of scouring the internet for things that fit the narrative.

  2. The Trump government ought to have a close look at Carlos Slim as regards to his frontrunner status to take over the NYT should Punch and the family decide to get out (or bankruptcy forces them out) of the biz. Slim owns around 19% of the voting stock, not counting the “special voting stock” Punch owns but that still gives him quite a leg up on any possible competition. Slim would be no friend to Trump and a pile of Slim’s money came from deals with the Obama government (ObamaPhone debacle).

  3. You mean people can’t believe everything they see? Even on The Internet!

    But, I already sent the down payment on The Taj Mahal, after I deposited that check from The King of Nigeria!

    Well, you just wait. I’ve got President Clinton’s private email address. CNN said she’ll take care of me. You’ll see. You’ll all see.

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