NY Times Reports That the Far Left Socialist Wing of the Democrat Party is Taking Over

In Michigan, a “Democratic Socialist” Muslim is running for governor. Democratic Socialist candidates are springing up everywhere.

The platform is simple – abolish ICE, open the borders, turn on the spigot of free money, foist oddball sexuality theories into the mainstream, legalize all drugs and tax the crap out of anyone who’s made something of themselves.

This platform should be easily defeated if it were not for the democrats who don’t agree with these policies but hate Trump and will pull the handle for anyone on the left.


13 Comments on NY Times Reports That the Far Left Socialist Wing of the Democrat Party is Taking Over

  1. I wonder whether the hate of trump will cause the Dems just to stay home and not vote at all. The strength of the economy in a state like Michigan coupled with Dems staying home may just create a left bloodbath.

  2. The dims are laying down a smokescreen with the commies while they run “moderate” candidates in districts President Trump won.

    Gotta vote this fall.

  3. I’ve got a slogan for these ‘Democrat Socialists’.

    “Venezuela has thirty two million people broke and starving, we can do ten times better than that!”

  4. BOHICA BaaaaaaaaaaayBeeeeeee!!
    Remember when democRATs just sold “Hope & Change®” Snake Oil every time an election rolled around and nuthin´s ever really changed in over half a century?
    Well Bend Over Here It Comes Again only this time it’z New and Improved!
    Now with……….. SOCIALISM!!!
    cuz… uh, ya know, uh… democRATs “really care” uh… about the poor!“
    (yeah…. that’s the ticket)
    Welcome to yer New and Improved Plantation kidz!
    (maybe they’ll even knick-name it Venezuela…)

  5. Progs are all about forcing conformity, they are not going to tolerate anyone who dares to question their orthodoxy. Grab the popcorn, this shitshow is going to be a wild one. Once the progs ramp up the shit they have reserved for constitutionalists and start with their terrorist tactics against the more mainstream Dems all hell is going to break loose.

  6. Once you boo God and vote against Jeruselem being the capital of Israel, it’s was only a matter of time before the socialist took control. We are about to reenter the days when Nixon nearly won ever state in the Union against McGovern. If it hadn’t been for Watergate, the dems have had to move to the center and become moderate just to stay relevant. This dash to the extreme is going to deny them power for at least another 12 years.

  7. Seriously, it’s as if we do need to go “there”. In order to correct the thinking of most of those who have graduated college over the last 30 years. It may be to teach a lesson moment where they destroyed the country and then need to die or sit back while we reestablish it.
    The thing is there WILL be bullets involved. And also the guilty will FINALLY be persecuted and shown as examples.

    It will be the opposite of communist persecutions of the 20th century. More in line with the original American Revolution of the 18th century.

  8. @Dr. Tar, Russian collusion is their Watergate. They just can’t make it stick. Because there is no Velcro there.

  9. Let’s get this straight
    We’re having an eternal investigation of
    Unproven election meddling
    Eternal election manipulating PIG
    George Soros
    Is not being investigated at all !

  10. @Dr. Tar, The left can’t rush to center. McCain and Rubio, et.al. are hogging up the place! 🙂

  11. Correction: The far left ‘racial minority’ (who are now a majority) Socialist wing of the Democrat Party is taking over! White Democrats will still be allowed around the fringes of the party but only as the useful, sycophant idiots, they have become!

  12. Did they report anything about the Kaiser starting a new European War?
    Cuz that’s just about the time the Demonrats lurched communist.

    At least since Wilson, the Demonrats have been obsessed with the likes of Lenin, Marx, and Engels.

    izlamo delenda est …


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